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If you have been injured in an accident without being at fault, you may be able to file a personal injury claim and seek appropriate compensation. A Philadelphia personal injury lawyer has in-depth knowledge of tort law, and can help you file a strong personal injury claim.

At the Law Office of Samuel Fishman, our lawyers have experience in handling a broad spectrum of complex personal injury claims, and we have secured favorable outcomes for many clients through settlements and litigation.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Personal Injury Claims?

Some common scenarios that give rise to personal injury claims include motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, dog bites and attacks, slip-and-fall accidents, and accidents in the workplace. Sometimes, people are injured in a hit and run accident

If your injury arose from one of these situations, you should speak with one of the skilled lawyers at the Law Office of Samuel Fishman about filing a personal injury claim.

The rules that govern personal injury law articulate how a victim can seek compensation for the losses and damages that result from an accident. To succeed in a personal injury claim, it is essential to prove another party’s fault. Meticulous documentation of the circumstances surrounding the accident can be an important way to support your claim.

Because every accident and every injury are different, the strategy that an injury lawyer employs should be different for every personal injury case as well. An experienced attorney will know the nuanced differences between managing a car accident case and a truck accident matter, as well as the different approaches required for various types of medical malpractice claims. 

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    Many personal injury claims can be favorably settled outside the courtroom, based on strong legal negotiations on behalf of the parties by competent legal representation.

    Practice Areas


    Car Accidents

    A car accident is one of the most stressful events that a person can experience. It can cause severe injuries, financial damages, and/or the loss of property, mobility, or even loved ones.

    Motorcycle Accidents

    A large number of motorcycle accidents occur because not all bikes are properly lab-tested for safety. If this was the case for you, then you may have grounds to pursue legal action.

    Truck Accidents

    With over 12 million commercial trucks traveling the roads of this country, it’s no surprise that larger vehicles such as these cause the most hazardous injuries in comparison to regular automobile accidents.

    Head Injury

    Head injuries can range from severe brain trauma, to mild concussions. If you have experienced head trauma due to the actions or negligence of another, you may be entitled to compensation.

    Slip and Fall Injury

    The seriousness of slip and fall accidents should never be underestimated. These types of accidents can result in injuries that last a life-time, so don’t wait to pursue legal action.

    Train Accident

    About 5,800 train accidents occur every year in the U.S., 2,300 of which result in injuries. If you or one of your loved ones are one of those 2,300, talk to an attorney and get the deserving compensation.

    Dog Bite Injury

    A dog bite can be a traumatic experience, both physically and emotionally. If you have been subject to such an experience due to the fault of another, you should file a claim.

    Medical Malpractice

    All healthcare professionals must follow and uphold certain regulations and standards when providing their services. When a professional fails to do so, those affected can sue them and seek compensation.
    Samuel Fishman, Esq

    About Samuel Fishman, Esq.

    Samuel Fishman is the Founding and Lead Partner at the Law Offices of Samuel Fishman, PC. Mr. Fishman represents seriously injured people in both state and federal court. Specifically, Mr. Fishman focuses his practice on Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation claimants.
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      Samuel Fishman, Esq.
      Samuel Fishman, Esq.

      Samuel Fishman is the Founding and Lead Partner at the Law Offices of Samuel Fishman, PC. Mr. Fishman represents seriously injured people in both state and federal court. Specifically, Mr. Fishman focuses his practice on Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation claimants.

      Carl J. D'Adamo, Esq.
      Carl J. D’Adamo, Esq.

      Carl J. D’Adamo is an attorney who focuses his practice on helping seriously injured people recover fair and appropriate monetary damages for their pain and suffering. Mr. D’Adamo’s practice includes representing victims injured in tractor trailer accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and more.

      Our Settlements

      The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman works aggressively on our clients’ behalf to
      negotiate personal injury settlements that properly compensate the victims of others’ negligence.


      $3.5 Million

      Tractor Trailer Accident

      $1.7 Million

      Motor Vehicle Accident

      $500 K

      Slip and Fall Injury

      $500 K

      Auto Vehicle Accident

      $1.5 Million

      Motor Vehicle Accident

      $750 K

      Motor Vehicle Accident

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      What Can A Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney Do?

      If you have suffered pain or other damages because of someone else’s fault or negligence, it is important to file a strong personal injury claim to improve your chances of collecting appropriate monetary compensation.

      A Philadelphia personal injury attorney can evaluate your case, and then analyze the losses and damages you have suffered. We can develop a strong legal strategy that can help you to seek fair compensation for your suffering. Many people, like you, face pain and other damages because of someone else’s fault or negligence.

      In such scenarios, it is important to file a strong claim, which can improve your chances of collecting the monetary compensation that will recompense your losses. You can file a claim when you have suffered any injury, whether physical or emotional. You can seek legal recourse against the defendant, which is the party whom you allege caused the incident that led to the injury.

      When to File an Injury Claim?

      Injury cases can often be attributed to an individual’s recklessness, negligence, or irresponsibility, and sometimes they are caused by intentional acts. In some cases, a defendant is strictly liable for any injury that results from a given situation. Examples of strict liability commonly include some dog bites and hazardous sites.

      In many cases, personal injuries relating to bodily harm caused to others are often covered by the defendant’s liability insurance. Most businesses have commercial general liability policies. These are designed to protect the businesses if someone is injured on the premises.

      An experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyer will know how to handle insurance matters and injury claims. Automobile insurance also exists to compensate individuals for injuries that they suffer in a car accident in which you are involved.

      Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

      How Can A Lawyer Assist In Personal Injury Cases?

      In negligence cases, a competent professional will know how to evaluate all potential damages and demand adequate compensation for those losses. To receive the compensation, you must generally prove all four elements of negligence:

      • The responsible party had a duty of care toward you;
      • The liable party breached that duty of care;
      • The breach of duty caused the accident that harmed you;
      • You suffered damages as a result of the accident.

      You may be concerned about paying for medical expenses. Supporting yourself and your family is another issue when you are unable to work after a personal injury accident. People often worry about recouping lost wages.

      With so many issues to address, seeking help from a Philadelphia car accident lawyer can greatly benefit auto accident victims. The responsibilities of a legal expert may include:

      • Negotiating with an insurance company;
      • Pursuing compensation based on your losses;
      • Assembling evidence to prove that the party at fault is legally responsible for your injuries;
      • Calculating out-of-pocket costs, both current and future;
      • Determining all other applicable damages, including those for pain and suffering.

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        A Philadelphia personal injury law firm, like the Law Offices of Samuel Fishman, P.C., will understand your situation. We know what it takes to deliver strong legal representation, and we evaluate every client’s legal issues with care.

        Getting legal representation after an accident is an important step. Your case’s outcome can affect your future to a great extent. This is why you should rely on a qualified and experienced attorney’s assistance. Our team focuses on protecting your legal rights. We are always ready to assist and take the necessary actions that can improve your chances of reimbursement.

        Seek help from a Northeast Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer who maintains confidentiality while advocating on behalf of our clients. You can schedule your first free consultation with us.

        Philadelphia Personal Injury FAQ

        Most of us drive our vehicles with utmost care. Regardless, sometimes another driver’s negligence cause accidents. In such cases, the injured party can obtain compensation for the damages and injuries. The experienced personal injury attorneys at the law offices of Samuel Fishman can help you seek the compensation you deserve.

        Statistics show that parties who hire a personal injury attorney have increased chances of getting a favorable compensation award when compared to those parties who go it alone.

        The insurance companies have teams of attorneys and staff working see that the insurance company pays you as little as possible. Working on your own, you may find it extremely difficult, even impossible, to negotiate with the insurance adjusters. However, an experienced personal injury lawyer will be familiar with negotiating with the insurance companies to get you the best compensation possible.

        Most personal injury cases end in a settlement. However, if your attorney is unable to reach a fair and equitable settlement, they can then help you file a lawsuit to seek a judgment in a court of law.

        Getting into a car accident is scary enough. However, it can be even scarier to learn that the driver at fault did not have car insurance as mandated by law. While the driver’s lack of insurance may make recovering compensation for your damages more difficult, it is not altogether impossible.

        Despite being legally required to do so, many drivers do not carry adequate car insurance. However you may be able use your own insurance, namely uninsured motorist coverage, to recover some damages to your vehicle or your person. or Where the at fault driver does not have insurance, you and your attorney may still be able to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the driver or another at fault party. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, contact the Law Offices of Samuel Fishman today to discuss all of your legal options.

        Working with an experienced attorney can make the negotiating process considerably easier. An attorney can assist you in gathering all of your evidence, medical records, and expert reports and arrange them all in a demand letter. A demand letter is often sent on behalf of an injured party who is seeking to be compensated for his or her damages. Having well kept records, especially medical records, will make it easier to arrive at a demand amount that will cover all of your ongoing costs.

        The statute of limitations for bringing a personal injury action is two years in Pennsylvania. The statute of limitations is the amount following an accident within which an injured party can file a lawsuit. There are exceptions, however, such as cases against governmental entities which must be brought within a shorter time frame.

        Regardless, negotiations can begin immediately after an accident. As the negoations progress and the two-year deadline approaches, the injured party and their attorney can decide if filing a lawsuit is necessary.

        Every case is different and may take the appropriate time to resolve. The particular case depends on the complexity. Some cases might settle out of court while others may be taken to trial. However, it is generally preferable to settle the case out of court.

        Some simple cases, where there is a single injured party with clearly identifiable injuries and no quesions of fault, a settlement might be reached relatively quickly. Some cases like this wrap up within a few months. Other, more complicated cases, however, can drag on for years. This is especially true where there are multiple injured parties, injury recovery projections are uncertain, or where questions of fault exist.

        The actual worth of your accident depends on the specific facts of your case. Some of the major factors that will influence any eventual damage award include:

        • What is the kind of accident such as a car crash, motorcycle collision, truck wreck, or any other type of accident?
        • What is the severity of your injuries?
        • Is your injury preventing you from any work and is temporarily or permanently affecting your life?
        • What is the property damage?
        • What is the mental and emotional impact of your accident?
        • How has the crash affected your way of life?
        • What type of pain and suffering have you endured due to your minor or major injuries?

        Whatever your damages, contact the Law Offices of Samuel Fishman today.

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