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Motorcycle Accident Compensation In New Jersey

Riding a motorcycle requires an individual to be highly focused and attentive. Motorcycle riders are more prone to risks, and the outcomes of a bike crash can be devastating. Riders risk their lives every time they are on the road.

According to data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die in a motorcycle crash than in other traffic crashes. Even an experienced motorcyclist will suffer the consequences that result from these accidents and need time to recover. Accidents can happen at any time, at any place, no matter how much you prepare. Remember, an accident involving a motorcycle is likely to be more fatal. 

Motorcycle riders should consult a New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyer to file a claim if they have been injured in an accident. The extent of injuries does not matter. Regardless of whether you suffered minor or major injuries, you have the legal right to sue for recovery of financial losses and other damages caused by the accident. Continue reading to learn more about the steps you should take after an accident. 

New Jersey Motorcycle Laws 

An accident terribly affects Your Life, wreaking havoc on your finances, work-life, and family relationships. Before we talk about the legal process, let us first learn about the motorcycle laws in New Jersey. Motorcyclists must comply with all the laws and regulations that other drivers must adhere to when using the roads. 

When motorcyclists fail to comply with the laws, compensation for any resulting accident may be affected. There is a chance that the insurance agency or the court will refuse to award compensation if failure to follow the rules of the road contributed to the accident.

  • All riders must have a valid motorcycle license to be a legal driver in New Jersey. Riders driving without a license are breaking the law and will likely be forced to pay penalties if they are caught. Riders from other states must have a valid motorcycle license issued by their state of residence to legally drive a motorcycle on New Jersey roads.
  • The motorcyclist must be at least 17 years of age to be eligible to drive. A parent or legal guardian must provide consent for anyone under the age of 18 years. The motorcyclist must pass a road test as well as a vision test. Those who do not pass the test will not be granted a license to drive legally in the state. 
  • New Jersey has a helmet law that aims to ensure that motorcyclists are taking proper safety precautions. All motorcycle riders must wear helmets. Driving a motorcycle without a helmet significantly increases the chance of severe and fatal injuries, including devastating head injuries. Therefore, riders should wear helmets. Helmets should be securely fitted, of a proper size, and approved by the federal Department of Transportation. Helmets should also be equipped with a neck or chin strap and have reflection tape on both sides. 
  • Motorcycle drivers and passengers should wear goggles or a face shield, unless the motorcycle is equipped with a windscreen. 
  • The handlebar height should not exceed the driver’s shoulder height while seated. 

If you reside in a different state, but were involved in an accident in New Jersey, you may have to file the claim in New Jersey. You can seek assistance from an experienced motorcycle accident attorney New Jersey residents have trusted for years to pursue their personal injury claims. The lawyer can guide you on your legal options, the steps you should take, and how to proceed.

New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Medical Expenses Resulting From the Accident

The consequences from a motorcycle accident can be severe. Victims incur huge amounts of medical expenses for ongoing treatment of accident-related injuries. It often becomes difficult to pay medical expenses, especially in cases where the victim is the family’s primary breadwinner. The victim may experience difficulties with performing normal activities of daily living and maintaining employment. This is not even considering the cost of replacing damaged personal property.  Motorcycles are a significant expense. An attorney can assist with recovering compensation for property damage, as well. 

Motorcycle accident victims should document all medical expenses incurred because of the accident. Victims should account for all current and future medical treatment costs. Some medical expenses for which you may receive compensation include medications, emergency room visits, ambulance transportation, surgical procedures, physical and psychological treatment, in-home care, and other general medical treatment, hospital care, and rehabilitation costs.

There are several types of damages that you can recover.; however, the amount of compensation will typically depend on the severity of your injuries. In cases of more severe injuries, the compensation may be higher. Compensation for minor injuries may be lower, but you can still receive compensation for property damage, pain and emotional suffering, and for other expenses or losses.

Minimum Insurance Requirements in New Jersey 

You should have a minimum amount of liability insurance coverage in New Jersey, as follows: 

  • Minimum of $15,000 – liability insurance
  • $5000 – property damages
  • $30,000 – total bodily injuries for multiple people

An Accident Will Impact Your Life

A motorcycle accident in New Jersey will not only lead to increasing medical bills and expenses, it may also have a significant impact on your quality of life. One of the common problems many people face is that accidents leave them unable to work. They face difficult financial situations, and injuries prevent them from earning an income to keep up. Injuries may impact their future potential to work, as well. 

The accident victim’s life may become even more complicated if they are no longer able to have a consistent source of income. Victims are entitled to receive compensation for medical bills and lost wages., as well as various other types of damages. Compensation will vary from case to case. Consult with a New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyer before proceeding with a claim. 

Here are some other types of damages that a victim can recover in addition to medical expenses: current and future lost wages, loss of consortium, pain and emotional suffering, and property damage.

Collecting Relevant Evidence

After you have sustained injuries in an accident, you must focus on gathering relevant evidence that supports your case. Without documentation of the accident and resulting expenses, it will be difficult to substantiate the case. An experienced New Jersey Injury Attorney will know what evidence is necessary and how to obtain it. They understand what documents will be needed to win a claim. Here are some examples of evidence that victims may consider gathering if they have sustained injuries in an accident:

  • Photos and videos of the scene – If possible, try to take pictures and videos of the accident scene. You may also consider obtaining footage from any nearby security cameras. The process for obtaining security camera footage can be tricky, as it may require consent of the camera’s owner; however, these cameras can be crucial to proving the liability of the other party. A lawyer can help you to get appropriate consent to obtain the video footage.
  • Statements from eye-witnesses – Often, there are third-party, disinterested witnesses who will have seen the accident occur in real-time. You should attempt to record witness names and contact information. If they are willing, obtain a statement also.  Alternatively, your attorney can interview the witnesses on your behalf. Witness statements can be powerful evidence in a personal injury case. 
  • Police investigations- You should never forget to report the incident to the police. Police will often arrive at the scene of an accident.  They will record their assessment of the incident in an official report, which can later be used to support your legal claim. 

Consulting a New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Is Beneficial

A personal injury lawyer will understand and evaluate the true value of your claim. You should consider contacting a New Jersey Motorcycle accident lawyer to represent your claim for damages. The lawyers will provide better insights on what compensation you can expect for damages resulting from the accident.

Our team has handled a significant number of auto accidents, including motorcycle accident injury claims. We can investigate your accident and evaluate your losses before filing a claim. This enables us to win maximum compensation for our claimants.

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