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If you got injured at your workplace in Philadelphia, consulting workers compensation lawyer at The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman can greatly benefit you. Call (215) 464-4600 to book a free consultation and get your case evaluated by a reputed attorney. The experienced lawyers at The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman are handling workers’ compensation claims for more than two decades.

We know that the consequences of workplace accidents may reach far beyond the workplace itself. Our Philadelphia workers compensation lawyers create a unique legal strategy for all workplace accident claims. Samuel Fishman has been handling injury cases since 1995 and can provide extended legal help in such cases.

An injury affects your income, your long-term financial stability, and even your peace of mind. Even with medical insurance, a workplace injury can take a sizable toll on your finances. Workers’ compensation law is designed to assist with financial recovery. It will also fairly compensate you for injuries sustained.

A workplace injury can create two kinds of financial strain. Not only is your income reduced, sometimes dramatically, but you may also face mounting medical bills and expenses.

Philadelphia Workers Compensation LawyerEven for the most resilient people, this stress can become severe enough to slow recovery time. You and your loved ones may experience anxiety and depression due to the injury and the financial burden that follows.

Should that financial strain become to burdensome, you may even face foreclosure. Some people also have their vehicles repossessed. This further limits your capacity to work even once you recover physically.

For many injured workers, escaping this devastating downward spiral may seem impossible. Overall, the complexity of the system often requires a legal professional.

What Types of benefits are provided under this law?

Workers’ compensation helps workers who were injured while performing their job roles and responsibilities in managing their financial burdens. It is the insurance purchased by an employer to help the injured or ill employee at the workplace.

To know your eligibility to receive workers’ compensation, it is better to get in touch with experienced professionals. All private employers should never miss purchasing workers’ compensation insurance for the benefit of your employees.

If you qualify for the compensation, you may get benefits for-

  • Lost wages-it is almost two-thirds of the amount or wage that the applicant was earning before facing the injury. This will begin after the seven calendar days after you started facing disability. If you are found not eligible to work even after two weeks, the lost wages will be paid accordingly
  • Death benefits- The death benefits will be given to the family of the deceased person.
  • Monetary benefits for medical care for severe injuries that needed hospital stay, surgeries, or other treatments that raised hefty medical bills.

The benefit can also be given for specific loss like loss of body parts, loss of functionality of essential parts like hand, fingers, thumb, foot, toe, leg, vision loss, hearing issues, etc.

There are many exceptions to this act. It includes;

  • Railroad workers, longshoremen, and federal civilian employees are covered under different workers’ compensation programs.
  • Agricultural workers who work less than 30 days can receive a limited amount from one employer every year.
  • Volunteer workers, but only when they are not getting any compensation for their work.
  • Corporate executive officers.

There are many other exceptions and you can know in detail about them from experienced attorneys.

Finding Help After Your Injury at a Philadelphia Workers Compensation Law Firm

Workers’ compensation benefits can help mitigate financial hardship after a workplace injury. When an injury at work leaves you unable to support your family, workers’ compensation can provide the weekly benefits you need. These help restore lost wages, cover medical costs and compensate for any future earnings you may potentially lose.

Although vital to the financial recovery process, workers’ compensation isn’t always straightforward or comprehensive. Not all employers and insurance providers are willing to assign responsibility where it should lie.

To protect their interests, some companies actively seek to reduce workers’ compensation benefits. Other companies deny benefits out of a lack of understanding.

Some parties simply try to avoid workers’ compensation claims at all costs. Fortunately, a knowledgeable attorney can help you understand workers’ compensation Law.

With an experienced law firm on your side, you can navigate the law and secure a more favorable financial outlook. Do not risk your physical, financial, and emotional recovery on a shaky claim. Retain an experienced injury attorney for all the legal help you need.

Choosing Philadelphia Workers Compensation Attorneys

Workers’ compensation laws have become so complicated that understanding them is a full-time job. For an attorney experienced with workers’ compensation cases, this means developing a thorough knowledge of local, state, and federal law. A good workers’ compensation lawyer in your area should clearly understand the applicable laws. Many rules may apply to your case and it is important to know their scope.

The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman employs numerous aides and paralegals trained to deal with each case’s complexity. We believe each case should receive the careful attention it deserves.

This is why we fight tirelessly to get you fair compensation for your injuries and losses. Although an injury can alter your life in an instant, knowing that you have money to cover your expenses can make all the difference.

Discuss Your Case with a Philadelphia Workers Compensation Lawyer

By choosing a local attorney with a thorough understanding of local and state law, you enhance your chances of a favorable ruling. An experienced Philadelphia Workers Compensation Law Firm that serves your best interests can make all the difference.

Even if you aren’t a native English speaker or are more comfortable conducting business in another language, we can assist you. Our Philadelphia Workers Compensation Lawyer has the resources to help clients in many languages.

Ultimately, your life may hinge on your legal decisions. If you delay too long, it can become incredibly difficult to prove that you are entitled to compensation. So, consult the experts with years of experience and success. Do not take any unnecessary chances. If you have been injured at work, you can contact the Law Offices of Samuel Fishman today for your FREE consultation!

FAQs about Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Claims

    • How can I get workers’ compensation benefits?

After any injury, the priority should be getting medical assistance. Notifying your employer about the injury, illness or any other damage should not be overlooked. You must seek medical treatment for your illness or injury that you faced while performing your job roles. If your employer provides some initial treatment help from a list of healthcare service providers, you can opt one of them.

For occupational illness or disease, 300 weeks is the time limit to claim for the benefits. This time limit is calculated after the last date of occupation in the place where you got injured. Talking to a workers’ compensation lawyer in Philadelphia can give you a clear insight about the case details and other important factors you must know about it

    • Can I sue my employer for my injuries?

You can sue your employer if;

      • Your employer has not purchased workers’ compensation insurance, even if it was mandatory.
      • If an employer intentionally caused damage, injury, or illness.

If you have doubts about your rights if you are suffering various circumstances due to a workplace injury, illness, or any other harm, talking to an experienced Philadelphia Workers Compensation Lawyer can be the right thing to do for a person in your situation.

    • How should I inform my employer about my injury?

The first person you should inform about the workplace injury is the person whom you report. It can be a supervisor or any person in your organization. Your employer asks you to describe the incident in detail. If your employer is ready to provide you all the needful and file a claim, then it is permissible. If he/she is not helping out, consult an experienced Philadelphia workers compensation attorney for a free consultation.

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