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Consult an attorney for bus accident involvement 

If you have ever faced a bus accident in Philadelphia which caused severe injuries and damages, consult a bus accident lawyer in Philadelphia at The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman. Call (215) 464-4600 and schedule a free case evaluation session to know your legal rights and options.

Bus Accident Lawyer PhiladelphiaAt The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman, our personal injury lawyers can handle complex bus accident claims and gain adequate compensation for your loss. Our years of experience have made us efficient enough to handle numerous types of bus accident cases effectively.

In the United States, any injury or loss that happens due to another’s negligence can be found liable. When two or more parties are involved in an accident, the victim can file a lawsuit, usually called a personal injury lawsuit.

A Philadelphia Bus Accident Lawyer can help you and your loved ones get financial compensation for your loss and damages. Getting justice for an accident does not always have to be for injury or death, but compensation also includes pain and suffering as well.

When someone is involved in an accident, the individual(s) and their family can suffer from any of the following:

  • Physical Pain
  • Mental Trauma
  • Excessive medical bills
  • Insurance Claims
  • Caregiver costs
  • Loss of income from inability to work

If you or your loved one has been involved in a bus accident, you should find an attorney with years of experience to handle your case. You must be aware of your rights and take the necessary steps to get the compensation that you deserve through a Philadelphia Bus Accident Attorney.

Who can file a case in a bus accident? 

Any of the parties involved in a bus accident can file a lawsuit against the party at fault. Any of the victims mentioned below can hire a bus accident attorney and potentially get compensation.

However, it must also be remembered that these lawyers can also represent the defense, so the party at fault can reach out to a bus accident attorney to fight their case as well.

Parties Involved in a Bus Accident:

  • A passenger of the bus or other vehicle who gets hurt as a result of the accident.
  • The driver of the bus or another vehicle who is involved in the accident.
  • A pedestrian who gets hurt because of the bus accident.

Major Causes of a Bus Accident:

  • Fatigued or careless driving.
  • An error or misjudgment while driving.
  • Mechanical failure due to poor maintenance or inspection.
  • Improperly trained bus driver.
  • Bus driver who has not undergone proper safety training.

Any of these scenarios are considered negligence. As a result, a lawsuit can be filed to ensure your claim for compensation. A Philadelphia Bus Accident Lawyer can help you with any of these matters.

Reasons to Hire A Bus Accident Attorney 

If you have been involved in an accident, one of the crippling burdens one can face is the loss of pay from being out of work, which can greatly affect your everyday life. This makes it difficult to focus on all the necessary steps to proceed through a lawsuit. When you hire a Philadelphia Bus Accident attorney, they will guide you and fight for your rights.

Your Philadelphia Bus Accident will

  • Listen to your situation and analyze your potential compensation
  • Gather facts and investigate the truth to help win your claim
  • Take care of all the documentation, fact-finding, and research regarding your case
  • Use their extensive experience to turn the case in your favor. If you hire any general lawyer, they will not have the expertise in the niche legal areas of bus accidents.
  • Assess an out-of-court settlement to get you the compensation that you deserve. If that fails, they will represent you in all subsequent court proceedings.

Filing the Case 

After you have done your research and hired a Bus Accident Lawyer that Philadelphia residents trust, you can rest easy. Once you sign the retainer agreement, our law firm handles all processes and proceedings. You will have to cooperate with the lawyer continuously throughout the process.

The general course of action involves:

  • Onboarding– In this stage, the law firm will gather all of your information. We will ask you multiple questions to understand the accident, your medical condition, how long you have to be away from work and the extent of medical expenses you have incurred. We will also inquire about any insurance claims that have already been made or that need to be made. After analyzing all of this information, we will decide the amount of money that should be claimed as your rightful compensation.
  • Documentation– After your attorney decides on the compensation amount, they will start building the case. Documents and police reports play the most important role in any case, and a bus accident case is no exception. Your attorney will start collecting your medical reports, hospital bills, lab test reports, unemployment documents, insurance papers, police reports, and more. You may be required to give them a power of attorney for getting the required information on your behalf whenever necessary.
  • Investigation– Once all the documents have been arranged, we will begin investigating your case. This helps build a strong case prior to any court proceedings. We will reach out to police, witnesses, and any other people who were involved to better understand the course of the incident. Once we know that, it becomes easier for a lawyer to fight for your case in front of the court of law.
  • Settlement– Like any other case, there is an option for both parties to meet outside the court and try to find a mutual solution. In a settlement, the attorneys representing both parties meet along with the defense and victim and do an out of court settlement, so court proceedings, and costs can be avoided. If the defendant agrees to the quoted compensation, then it can be settled. However, if the defense tries to negotiate and the victim or the lawyer does not agree, then the case continues to court.
  • Court Proceedings– If both parties cannot reach an agreement outside of court, then court proceedings will begin. The lawyer will be representing you in the court of law. We will explain your situation to the jury and justify the compensation claimed.

Consult a reputed Philadelphia Bus Accident Lawyer to seek compensation 

A Bus Accident Lawyer that Philadelphia residents trust will lay out all the findings and investigations done to help you win the case and get the justice that you deserve.

Our Bus Accident Lawyers are highly experienced and know how to handle different types of bus accident lawsuits with perfection. Book your first free consultation at (215) 464-4600 and discuss your legal concerns with us!


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