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Choose An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Huntingdon Valley

  • Do you need to hire a lawyer in Huntingdon Valley for your personal injury case? Do you want to ensure you have great representation if you go to trial? 
  • Then it’s time to act. Feel free to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Huntingdon Valley clients trust. Remember: not all attorneys are experts in handling personal injury lawsuits. Make sure you choose an attorney who has the right experience in personal injury claims related to your case.
  • There are multiple areas to consider before selecting a reputed personal injury attorney.


You have to do some research before making the final decision. Make a list of lawyers who meet the following criteria:

  • Trial experience
  • Negotiation experience
  • Knowledge of medical diagnoses and procedures 
  • Understanding of negligence law and other torts

Location and Presentation

A fancy office does not guarantee that the attorney will recover your compensation. Do not choose a lawyer based on appearance. 

Choose a lawyer based on relevance and track record. Ideally, you want an attorney who has helped clients just like you obtain fair compensation.

Fee Structure

Personal injury lawyers typically work on contingency. They collect roughly one-third of the eventual settlement along with office expenses. But the arrangement could depend on the case. Be sure to discuss the fee structure. What will be the fees if no recovery is ever made? Make sure you know the terms and conditions from the very start.

 Personal Injury Lawyer Huntingdon Valley

Personal Handling

How much of your case is directly handled by your attorney? Oftentimes, lawyers have their assistants manage many of the details. This is okay, but if your lawyer cannot take 5 minutes to talk to you personally, you can imagine the attention your case is going to get.

Ask for referrals

  • If you are not able to find a good lawyer, ask around. Ask your friends and family to refer a personal injury lawyer. You can also check out various attorney profiles online. Once you are interested in a lawyer, consider hiring him or her to handle your case. 
  • Always be upfront with your attorney. Feel free to ask any and all questions, and provide any and all relevant documentation and information.
  • Getting a Personal Injury Attorney Huntingdon Valley trusts is vital. 
  • If you’ve been hurt and need legal help, we can help at The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman. Our team has handled numerous complex personal injury cases. Feel free to consult our attorneys to determine the next steps for your situation.

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