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Legal assistance following any kind of injury is as necessary as seeking medical help. To bring you justice, all the shreds of evidence, facts, and clues need to be collected and properly preserved to help you achieve what you deserve.

If you have faced an accident in Montgomery County, such as a workplace injury, medical malpractice, an auto accident, or dog bite, you will know how painful and emotionally draining it can be to suffer a serious injury or to see your loved ones suffer such pain. Your first responsibility is to recover and support your family member under such circumstances.

However, such accidents can negatively affect your lifestyle and psychology, as well. Sometimes it can be hard to recover and get back to normal life. You may need financial assistance to pay your overwhelming medical bills and to support your family. 

When your injury is caused as a result of someone else’s negligence, then you should not sit quietly. You should get the compensation you deserve. The personal injury lawyer Montgomery County trusts is here to provide the legal assistance you need. You might be eligible to get financial compensation for the damage incurred, as well as for your pain and suffering. To learn more about your legal rights, call us today, and our highly knowledgeable and experienced attorneys can assist you.

An injury can bring physical pain, as well as loss of a job, permanent disability, and financial devastation. Amid all of this, fighting for your legal rights seems like it is impossible. Our aggressive attorneys can help you get what you deserve under the law. We also deal with insurance adjusters in Montgomery County so that you can focus on your physical recovery and psychological well-being.

How can legal professionals help you?

When our clients approach us with their injury cases, we first help them understand the facts of the situation and whether the incident would qualify as a personal injury case. If so, our lawyers perform calculations to determine its estimated value. It is essential for victims to understand how their lawsuit might progress and what they should expect from the case. 

While some personal injury cases are quite minor and can be solved outside of the courtroom, some personal injury cases have serious consequences, as well, in which people lose their jobs, become disabled, or even lose their lives. Car accidents are among the most common injury cases, and more than 30,000 people die every year in the United States due to motor vehicle crashes. 

Personal Injury Lawyer Montgomery County

We understand that nothing could match the pain of losing a loved one, but our caring and aggressive car accident lawyer in Montgomery County is here to support you. Below are the steps we can take for personal injury claimants.

  • Identify the compensation that our clients deserve: Many aspects go into calculating compensation for personal injuries. The factor of pain and suffering makes it impossible for you to do the math yourself. Only an experienced attorney can calculate the compensation you deserve for the injury. However, your compensation amount can largely vary based on your attorney’s skills. Therefore, choose your injury attorney carefully.
  • Investigate the matter: Establishing the other party’s fault in a personal injury case can be tricky. Our team analyzes the accident site to look for signs and clues to prove your case and establish the truth. We use our experience and deep legal understanding to evaluate all parties involved in the accident and how we can claim the maximum compensation from them.
  • Communicate with insurance companies: Be it a car insurance company or a property insurance company, communicating with them can be tricky. We take charge of the situation and advise that our clients pass all insurance company-related communication to us.

Starting from plotting the whole accident scene, putting our best evidence forward to uncover the truth, to following probable leads, we do everything to investigate the matter and to unlock probable ways to bring justice to our clients. 

Learn the value of your claim with a Montgomery County personal injury lawyer

Every lawsuit is different, and it is impossible to generalize all cases. The car accident settlement amount you receive can vary from millions of dollars to a few hundred dollars, depending on the harm caused. We ensure that our clients get the most compensation that they deserve. However, numerous factors directly influence the compensation amount in personal injury lawsuits.

  • The accident’s severity: The greater the negative effect an accident has on a person, the more significant the compensation amount will likely be, especially for severe injuries such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, permanent disability, or loss of life.
  • The victim’s age and health condition at the time of the accident: Young people with no critical illness usually receive higher compensation amounts, whereas older people with debilitating medical conditions usually mean the victim will receive comparatively less compensation.
  • The victim’s personal and professional life: Whether the victim has dependents, whether the accident victim is the only earning member of their family, the victim’s job and the accident’s effect on their career, and their participation in the community may influence the amount of compensation to which they will be entitled.
  • Who was at fault: Most of the time, only one person involved in the accident is held responsible for paying the compensation. If there is a third party involved, or even more parties involved, the compensation amount can climb higher. However, in the case of shared fault, the compensation can be relatively low.
  • The parties’ insurance coverage: It can become tough to get compensation if the insurance amount is insufficient to pay for the damage incurred.

At our law firm, the experienced attorneys work to help you get maximum compensation for the damage you suffered. We understand that the loss of a dear one or physical and psychological pain cannot be negated with money. However, these funds can decrease your financial burden and help you adjust to the new normal.

Under what category can you apply for compensation?

There are generally two categories under which you can claim compensation. The first is based on economic or special damages, and the second is noneconomic or general damage. 

  • Economic or special damages: Economic or special damages are compensation amounts based on physical things that got destroyed during the accident, such as personal property or your vehicle. It also encompasses lost wages, job loss, medical expenses, and future expenses you will likely incur because of the accident.
  • Non-economic or general damages: This includes the pain and suffering that the victim deals with after the accident. It also provides for family members’ suffering, as well. Loss of life enjoyment and the accident’s effect on life quality is also calculated in terms of money under this category. You need an experienced lawyer to estimate the non-economic loss. 

If you have suffered a severe personal injury or want to get justice for a family member, call us today and talk to our experienced attorney. We will do our best to bring you justice and help you secure the highest compensation. 

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