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Children are vulnerable to frequent accidents. Accidents can be serious, or a child can escape the life-threatening accident. Considering that children are physically weaker and smaller; they can easily be victims of car accidents and other forms of accidents.

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More often, children are unaware of the forthcoming danger and easily fall prey to the situation. Therefore, parents or adults should supervise children to avoid dangerous accidental encounters. In some unfortunate cases, accidents cannot be avoided and as a result, a child suffers serious injury from the accident.

A child’s injury, be it severe or recoverable, is difficult for the family to accept. In some devastating accidents, children can lose their life. It can be tough for you to deal with the situation without the assistance of a qualified personal injury attorney.

When can we file child injury claims in Philadelphia?

Parents can file a child injury claim in Philadelphia as soon as the accident occurs. In case of severe injuries, parents are suggested to seek immediate medical attention. Please take care of your child and fulfill their medical needs before consulting Child Injury Lawyers. However, it has been observed that the aftereffects of an accident are not visible immediately after the accident.

In such cases, parents have a time frame of two years to file a legal suit for the child’s injury. But it is advised to go for medical scanning even if there is no visible aftereffect of the injury. This will help you later to correlate the emerging medical issue with the accident in the long run.

Most child injury claimants make the mistake of not seeking medical help if there are no severe injuries visible. But this can weaken your case, as it will become difficult for your child injury attorneys to link between the injury and the late effect of the same.

Child Injuries can Result from Various Circumstances

Philadelphia Child Injury LawyersChildren can suffer from multiple types of injuries like head injuries, birth injuries, bone fractures, slip-and-fall accidents, or other accidents. As a parent, you must understand the accident’s depth and register the claim with an aced child injury attorney near you. Here are a few common reasons for child injury in Philadelphia:

  • Medical malpractice during birth or while receiving other medical facilities
  • Car accident injury due to defective car seat
  • Exposure of young kids to lead-contaminated wall paints
  • School bus accident
  • Injuries at amusement parks
  • Defective bicycle helmet
  • Stroller defect
  • Crib and playpen injuries
  • Car accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Product owners
  • School or Montessori authorities
  • Other parents
  • Property owners

Sometimes, the effect of the accident turns the child’s life upside down. At times, a severely unfortunate accident can be fatal for children. In case your child is seriously injured, and you are not sure whether it falls under the child injury case or not, give us a call. Our professional Philadelphia Child Injury Lawyer will work tirelessly to ensure compensation for your child’s medical expenses and future well-being.

Who can be at Fault in a Child Injury Incident?

Unlike accidents that involve adults, a child can get compensation even when he is responsible for the accident. The reason being kids do not understand the forthcoming danger; their case is held to a different standard than that of adults.

For example, an adult is well aware of the dangers of swimming into an unattended swimming pool or the threat of trespassing someone else’s property. Whereas, a child is unaware of the consequences. Therefore, a homeowner or a swimming pool owner must provide fencing to avoid children’s trespassing into their property or swimming pool.

In this way, in Philadelphia, it is regarded that adults are responsible for keeping kids safe and are charged with child personal injury claims if they do not take care of child safety.

On the other hand, if someone else is responsible for the accident, filing a claim can be the right decision. Product owners, manufacturers, school owners, and other child service providers can also be held accountable for childhood accidents.

In case a company produces faulty products such as a stroller, bicycle helmet, toys, etc. and that causes an accident, then that can be treated as a child injury. Parents can, therefore, file a lawsuit against such businesses or entities who are at fault.

How Can a Child Injury Lawyer Help?

As parents, it is devastating to see your child in pain. At The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman, our Philadelphia Child Injury Lawyers work hard to bring to you justice. Many of our attorneys here are parents too and we understand your pain.

As you take care of your little one, we will take all the responsibility of your legal needs. We will make sure that you get the compensation that suffices your child’s recurring medical bills, not only that we will also foresee any mental or physical challenges that your child might have to suffer as a result of the accident.

During an accident, along with physical pain, comes the crunch of money. Though it is hard to lower the burden of your pain and suffering, we will try our best as lawyers. We will ensure that the compensation includes all the pain and suffering and recurring medical bills, and future medical expenses.

Why do you need our lawyers to handle your Child Injury Case?

We have been supporting our clients for more than twenty years. The principle behind serving the severely injured is that they attain an effective attorney and extensive personal attention. Our lawyers are specialized in various aspects of personal injury. As you approach us, we ensure that you get an efficient attorney to represent your case.

If you are thinking of consultation fees and additional charges, please note that we do it for free. We do not charge a single dollar from you until you win the case. This implies that you will not have any additional financial burden while you consult an experienced lawyer.

When it comes to success, we have helped our clients receive personal injury claims that go up to tens of millions of dollars. We deal with various personal injury cases and always ensure that our clients feel comfortable and confident with us.

Common Questions Asked about Child Injury Claims

Will filing a child injury lawsuit harm my child?

Not at all. The law is designed to support children and protect their rights. Your attorney will try their hardest to reach a favorable settlement for your child’s injury.

What if I have lost my child in an accident caused by someone’s negligence?

Everyone has the right to fight for their child’s rights, even if your child has passed away. The law entitles you to file a claim against the person responsible for your devastating loss.

Do I need to hire a child injury lawyer?

While hiring an attorney is not mandatory, it can increase your chances of wining the claim. Experienced child injury lawyers know the law, the eligibility criteria, and the best approaches to win the lawsuit.

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