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When you’ve been seriously hurt in a car crash, it’s normal to worry about paying medical bills, whether you’ll keep your job, and how your family will cope. Questions about how and why the accident occurred, and whether another driver is at fault, may also weigh heavily on your mind.

At the Law Offices of Samuel Fishman, our experienced Bucks County car accident attorneys understand how serious the injuries of car accidents can be. That’s why we work hard to help you get compensation, find out what caused the car accident in Pennsylvania, and make sure those responsible are held accountable. If you or a family member has been hurt in a car crash in Bucks County, our lawyers at our car accident law firm are here to help you.

Types Of Injuries In A Car Accident

Car accidents are unpredictable, and each one is different. Factors like the speed of the cars, the number of cars involved, the direction of the collision, and the type of protection in the vehicle can all affect how severe the injuries are.

Here are some common injuries we often see in car accidents in Bucks County:

Car Accident Lawyer Bucks County

  • Whiplash: This happens when a vehicle suddenly stops, causing the passenger’s head to snap forward, down, and then back. It can strain muscles, tendons, ligaments, and disks in the neck, leading to tearing and ripping. Sometimes, whiplash symptoms might not appear immediately after your accident and injuries.  
  • Fractures: Unlike whiplash, fractures are usually more obvious. They occur when a passenger hits a hard surface during impact or when bones meet strong resistance. Fractures can happen in various parts of the body, including the sternum and ribs due to seat belt use.  
  • Hematomas: Hematomas are caused by excessive bleeding between body tissues. While they often heal on their own, it’s important to see a doctor to ensure proper treatment and rule out more serious injuries.  

If you’re involved in a car accident, seeking medical attention and medical benefits is crucial, even if you don’t feel injured right away. And remember, never make statements at the accident scene claiming you’re certain you haven’t been injured, as symptoms may appear later.  

What Types of Damages Can You Recover in a Car Accident?

To determine the value of your car accident case, your Bucks county car accident attorney will carefully review the facts.They’ll consider your current and future expenses and losses to pursue fair compensation, often more than what auto insurance companies initially offer.

Car accident settlements vary widely, ranging from thousands to millions of dollars, depending on the severity of your injuries.

There are two main types of damages in car accident cases:

1. Economic damages: These cover measurable losses like medical bills for Hospital, doctor, and surgery bills; Diagnostic tests such as x-rays and MRIs and Rehabilitation and therapy costs. You may also still recover lost wages and potential future earnings if you had to take time off work because of your accident.  
2. Non-economic damages: These compensate for the less tangible impacts of your injury, such as: Pain and suffering; Loss of companionship or consortium and Loss of enjoyment of life  

Your Bucks County personal injury attorney will work to ensure you receive fair and maximum compensation for all the ways the accident has affected you.

Common Causes of Car Accidents 

After a car accident, many people want to understand why it happened. Often, it’s not just one thing, but a combination of factors that lead to accidents in Bucks County, PA:

  • Aggressive Driving: Some drivers act like they own the road, putting others at risk with their reckless behavior. These drivers should be held responsible for any harm they cause.  
  • Dangerous Road Conditions: Drivers need to adjust their driving for conditions like slick roads or poor visibility due to snow or fog.  
  • Drowsy Commercial Drivers: Fatigue can impair a driver’s abilities and lead to accidents, especially among commercial truck drivers who often work long hours.  
  • Drunk Driving: Bucks County has strict DUI laws to prevent accidents caused by intoxicated drivers. Bars or restaurants that over serve patrons can also be held responsible. 
  • Traffic Violations: Many accidents happen because of simple mistakes like speeding, running red lights, or not using turn signals properly. 
  • Vehicle Defects: Sometimes accidents occur due to faulty auto parts, like defective ignition switches or malfunctioning airbags. 

Other factors like overloaded vehicles, poor maintenance, and distracted driving also contribute to accidents. We’ll investigate thoroughly to understand the cause of your accident and build a strong case for you.

Bucks County, PA Car Accident Statistics

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) data, about six million motor accidents occur each year in the United States. As a result of these accidents, 36,096 people died in the U.S. in the year 2019. According to official data by Penndot, a total of 6,236 crashes occurred in Bucks County in 2019.

The NHTSA has revealed an estimated report for 2020, which projects a significant increase in the fatality rate. These numbers show how many people suffer from motor vehicle accidents every year. Bucks County is a no-fault state, meaning an injured person’s insurance policy provides coverage for medical expenses and other economic harms, like lost wages, regardless of who was at fault for the accident.

Passengers involved in an accident would similarly collect insurance from the driver’s policy. There may be limitations on seeking compensation from another driver in Pennsylvania that will depend on the type of insurance policy you purchase.

Dealing With Insurance Companies For Compensation After A Bucks County Car Accident

All drivers and passengers should adhere to the Seat Belt Law in PA, and drivers should also carry insurance on their own vehicles in Bucks County. Vehicle owners are provided two options for insurance coverage in Pennsylvania. One option is referred to as limited tort, while the other is referred to as full tort.

If you purchase the limited tort option, damages will be limited to compensation for economic harms like medical expenses and lost wages, but you will not be able to claim non-economic damages for things like pain and emotional suffering. Purchasing the full tort option allows you to retain the right to seek additional damages in a personal injury lawsuit. The limited tort option is often less expensive than the full tort option, which is why some consumers prefer it. A Bucks County car accident lawyer will help you understand when you can file a lawsuit for a car accident.

You can sustain serious injuries during an accident. Your body may be severely harmed and your vehicle badly damaged. While car repairs can be costly, injuries may be even more problematic, landing you in a hospital for days, weeks, or even months.

Although most people avoid serious injuries, some associated injuries may develop from minor to severe over time. Many victims do not see any sign of apparent injury immediately after an accident, only to discover it later after the initial shock wears off. It is common for health issues related to a motor vehicle accident to develop over time.

Moreover, the economic impact of a physical injury can be devastating. The cost of vehicle repairs and medical treatments can financially exhaust your savings quickly. Lost work and wages can put added stress on you and your loved ones as money continues to go be paid out. Fortunately, there is help. If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

Whether you have experienced something as simple as a road rash injury or another more significant injury, we advise you to hire an experienced lawyer who may help you recover compensation for all kinds of auto accident-related losses. A seasoned Bucks county car accident attorney can analyze the nature and severity of your injuries, expenses, and other serious damages. Your legal representatives can help you handle paperwork, negotiate a fair settlement, and represent you in every aspect of the case while you have the peace of mind to recover from your injuries.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Bucks County?

Even if you’re cautious, Pennsylvania car accidents can still happen. Knowing what to do afterward is crucial:

  • Stop: Don’t leave the scene. It’s not allowed under the law. 
  • Don’t admit fault: Let your insurance company and lawyer figure out who’s at fault.Proving fault in a car accident requires skills and experience of personal injury law in Bucks County. 
  • Call for help: Get the police and medical assistance. They’ll document the scene and help with injuries. 
  • Document everything: If it’s safe, take photos and get witness info. Take pictures of the other driver’s info too. 
  • Call your insurance company: Report the accident right away. 
  • Call a lawyer: Speak to an experienced car accident attorney before talking to the other insurance company or signing anything. 
  • Avoid social media: Insurance companies check social media for evidence. Don’t post about your accident online. 

What is Time Limit to File a Claim after an accident in Bucks County?

Car accident lawsuits have a deadline called the statute of limitations. Once this time passes, you can’t file a claim. States set these deadlines to keep personal injury lawsuits fair and prevent them from dragging on too long. It’s important to act quickly because memories fade and evidence can disappear over time.

In Bucks County Pennsylvania, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is two years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit in state court. Failure to meet the statute of limitations deadline can lead to the denial of your compensation claim. You should contact your insurance company at the earliest date to report the accident; however, you should avoid signing any release documents without consulting with an accident lawyer in Bucks County.

Types of Compensation Available After a Car Accident Occurs

After a vehicle accident in Bucks County, there are different types of compensation you receive. Our injury lawyers will work hard to get you both economic and non-economic damages, including:

  • Medical expenses from the accident
  • Physical therapy or rehab costs
  • Prescription drugs and medical equipment
  • Household expenses related to the accident
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life

The amount of compensation you can get depends on factors like how severe your injuries are, how long it takes to recover, how much pain and suffering you experience, and how bad the vehicle damage is.

Sometimes, if the at-fault driver’s behavior was really reckless, you might get punitive damages. But this is rare and only happens if the driver showed complete disregard for safety.

How to Prove Fault After a Car Accident

Proving fault in a car accident is crucial for getting compensation. Your legal team needs to show evidence of fault, like drunk driving, speeding, or running a red light. These are examples of negligence.

All drivers have to be careful on the road. To prove negligence, we have to show that the at-fault driver didn’t drive safely. We also have to show that their actions caused the accident and your injuries.

Evidence like police reports, witness statements, and photos of the accident scene can help prove negligence. Our Bucks County auto accident lawyers will gather this evidence and build a strong case to show the other driver’s fault.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Bucks County Car Accident Lawyer?

Our team believes everyone should have top-notch legal representation, regardless of their budget. That’s why we make our services accessible to all Bucks County personal injuty victims by offering representation on a contingency fee basis.

You won’t have to pay us any upfront fees when we agree to represent you. We only get paid if we secure a settlement or verdict for you. Our payment is a percentage of the total amount recovered, which we’ll discuss in detail during your initial free consultation.

Contact a Bucks County Car Accident Attorney at The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman

Fortunately, reputable lawyers are available to assist. Our lawyers will gather and present accident scene photos, medical documentation, and other evidence to build a strong case. Critical evidence includes witness statements, medical reports, expert testimonies, and more. Lawyers can also contact driver’s insurance companies on your behalf, as well as opposing attorneys.

Ultimately, our car accident attorneys will become your strongest defenders and fiercest advocates when you may need support the most. If you have been injured in a car accident, contact a Bucks County car accident lawyer. Our lawyers advocate for accident victims. We have qualified legal professionals ready to assist. Give us a call or go online to The Law Offices Of Samuel Fishman.

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