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It happens for many reasons. You get hurt on the job. You blow out your back. You slip and fall. You cut yourself or make a mistake. Maybe you get sick being around chemicals. The reasons may vary. Fortunately, in many cases, you have options. If you can no longer work due to an injury or illness, you need to act. Workers compensation may help.

Your Workers Compensation Lawyer in Southampton

What is Southampton Workers Compensation?

Workers Compensation Lawyer SouthamptonIn Southampton, workers’ compensation is required for most jobs. Employers without workers’ comp may be sued. Some may even get prosecuted under criminal law.

Workers compensation is for both employees and employers. If you get injured, you can get medical care. You can also get compensated for lost wages. In exchange, your boss cannot be directly sued.

However, things can get complicated. Insurance companies may argue your injury or illness. You may fail to know your rights. This is why you need a lawyer.

Finding A Workers Compensation Attorney Southampton Trusts

When searching for an attorney, you want experience. You deserve an expert who has dealt with all kinds of cases. After all, there are all kinds of injuries. Some are very costly. Others are not very expensive.

Some problems may last a long time. You may be unable to do any work. You may need constant care. It all depends on the injury or illness.

What A Workers Comp Southampton Lawyer Does

Your attorney will first analyze your case. Does your employer have workers comp insurance? Should he or she have it? Is your injury or disease work-related?

Also, your lawyer will help you file. Typically, you have only 120 days to start your claim. Sometimes, your employer disputes the claim. His or her insurance may fight you. Your case may have to go to trial. If this happens, you definitely want a lawyer you can trust.

At the Law Offices of Samuel Fishman, PC., we have experienced lawyers. We have years of cases under our belts. If you need help with workers’ compensation, give us a call.

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