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If you have to go somewhere fast and you do not have access to your private car, you will likely book Uber for your journey. These ridesharing vehicles are easily available nearly everywhere. However, unlike other taxi and limo drivers, the one driving an Uber car is not a “professional driver.” He can be any person with a car and a license offering you a ridesharing service to reach your destination.

If you worry about an accident caused to you while you were riding with an Uber driver, then you must consult a Philadelphia Uber accident lawyer at The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman. Our attorneys are well experienced in handling similar cases. We follow excellent legal strategies to help our clients in winning their fair claim amount without any hassle.

When we drive our own car, we are sure about our driving skills. Similarly, when we hire a taxi or a limo service, we trust on the driving skills of a trained and experienced driver. Facing an accident while using ridesharing taxi service can also turn fatal. If you faced uber accidents without being at fault, you should talk to our injury lawyer at your earliest option.

Helping Uber Accident Claimants in Philadelphia

brown-gavelAccidents happen every day in Philadelphia, and the ratio of ridesharing car crashes are greater when compared to professional drivers. Accident victims suffer many types of injuries like head injury, neck injury, back injury, etc. Long-term treatment, lost wages, a lot of pain, and sufferings can trouble them.

If you are a passenger in a rideshare vehicle you must know your rights about your safety and security as you travel. It may happen that unfortunately you get hurt and suffer a serious injury after an accident. Or you can also be the driver who has ruined his personal vehicle while using the same for business and must deal with legal consequences.

You can be in both situations. Therefore, you must know the rules and regulations for keeping you safe as a driver or passenger. Keep yourself abreast about what will happen if you get injured during your travel in a ride-sharing vehicle. Get in touch with a Philadelphia uber accident lawyer at The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman to know your rights.

You can be a victim as a driver or a passenger and we will help you under all circumstances. Be confident to receive the compensation you deserve for car damage or injury caused due to Uber accident.

What is Ridesharing and how does it work?

The word ridesharing eventually means to share your ride. Unlike taxis, in a rideshare service, the driver allows friends or unknown people to board the car at the same time. It is only possible when one or more passengers are going in the same direction.

Here the fair of the cab is shared among each passenger. Thus, the overhead cost of a ridesharing service is comparatively low than that of a taxi or private car hire. Uber who created the rideshare model in 2009 in San Francisco, is now used all over the world by various service providers.

Who are the rideshare drivers?

Well, to ensure your safety it is essential to know who drives rideshare vehicles like Uber. The drivers of rideshare vehicles are called freelance drivers. They are not directly appointed by the rideshare companies. Here is where the problem arises.

Freelance drivers are not responsible for any responsibility or liability. In other cases, the company that hires a driver is responsible for all the damages caused while driving.

The Uber authorities run a basic background check to ensure that their passengers are in safe hands. However, every time the check is not that thorough.

Liabilities when you are a driver at Uber

So, if you are a rideshare vehicle driver, you will likely have $1 million insurance protection. But the amount of compensation bourn by the insurance company depends on various situations.

  • The insurance is valid only when the designated passengers are onboard.
  • The insurance is valid when you driving in the direct route to pick up your passenger.
  • The insurance amount will drastically decrease if you are not working.
  • The amount of your payment will also decrease if you are waiting for a passenger request.
  • You may not get any compensation from the insurance company f the damage is happed due to your negligence.

Various things go into the insurance settlement when you are a driver at ridesharing companies. Consult the Uber accident law firm in Philadelphia to know your rights as a vehicle owner and a rideshare driver.

What should you do before signing as a rideshare driver?

Before you sign as a rideshare driver, read all the documents carefully. Take adequate notice of the insurance papers and understand each clause fully. You may need expert help to get in touch with an Uber injury lawyer to scrutinize all the documents before you sign them. Remember safety is in your hands, so be careful before you take any legal action.

Ridesharing laws

  • There are many questions about the safety of passengers and drivers in a rideshare business. There have been doubts such as “how much the insurance company will bear if any accident occurs?”, “who will get the insurance coverage?”, “what will the insurance cover?” and so on.
  • To facilitate the drivers and the passengers some laws protect the rideshare stakeholders.
  • The law says that as soon as a rideshare driver logs into the app, he will be covered by the insurance irrespective of whether he is serving a passenger or not.
  • There are still many questions that deserve expert help from an accomplished Uber injury lawyer. So know your insurance worth and the pros and cons of the insurance that covers you.

What to do if you are involved in a rideshare accident?

Getting involved in a rideshare accident can be nerve-wracking. The process of claiming insurance depends completely on your situation. If you have unfortunately been involved with a rideshare accident as a driver or passenger please immediately seek medical help.

Alike any car accident, it is most essential to receive medical attention. After getting proper medical attention, get in touch with a Philadelphia Uber Accident lawyer immediately.

Here are a few points to consider at the accident scene:

  • Just as other motor vehicle accident looks for evidence such as vehicle number, phone number, address of the parties involved in the accident
  • Look for evidence that can be helpful to shape your case

Our experienced Rideshare Accident Lawyer can stand by your side

As soon as you have received your medical treatment, make sure to contact The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman. The seasoned Rideshare accident lawyer who deals with similar cases every day is well experienced in this area. They keep a good knowledge of rideshare accident insurance recovery. Our Philadelphia car accident lawyers use their experience to recover the compensation amount from the insurance companies who are most reluctant to make payments to the injured.

Common Questions Asked by Uber Accident Victims:

Can I file a personal injury claim if an Uber driver denies fault?

Yes, you can still file a personal injury claim. An experienced attorney can investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident to help prove the Uber driver’s fault.

Can I file a lawsuit if an Uber driver hit my car and caused severe injuries?

Yes, there are a number of parties you may sue. For example, you may sue Uber if you can prove that the company was negligent in screening drivers or the driver if they were negligent in their operation of the vehicle. 

How can I strengthen my case?

It is very important to seek medical help immediately after the accident and follow your doctor’s instructions. Be sure to attend regular checkups and retain all relevant records.

Look for eyewitnesses at the accident site, and record their statements and contact details. This can help make your case stronger.

Report the accident to Uber as soon as possible, whether immediately after the accident or after seeking medical help. Next, contact an experienced injury lawyer.

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