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When to consult with an Allentown Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents occur for countless reasons. Some accidents, sadly, lead to enduring or even lifelong health conditions. Other accidents are less severe, causing nothing more than minor vehicle damage. Regardless of the specific car accident variables that exist in your situation, an Allentown car accident lawyer can likely be of significant help. Whether it’s a complaint with the court or negotiating with insurance companies, enlisting a lawyer to deal with it is usually the right answer. 

It’s important to consult a legal professional to assess your case and improve your chances of obtaining compensation for your injuries and other damages. 

Although the severity of accidents vary, one thing is for certain: injuries happen. Health problems resulting from Allentown truck accidents or any other auto accidents can affect personal and work lives tremendously.

How often do Allentown car accidents happen?

Car Accident Attorney Allentown PA In 2020, nearly 42,000 people died in motor vehicle crashes according to the data collected by the National Safety Council. According to PennDOT, speeding and reckless driving are the leading causes of car accidents in Pennsylvania. A total of 125,267 car crashes were reported in Pennsylvania in 2019. Of these, 1,059 resulted in fatalities. 

Allentown, a city in Lehigh County, is the third most populous city in Pennsylvania. Approximately, 38,000 people sustained injuries in car accidents within Allentown city limits in the year 2019. Major highways connecting the Lehigh valley where the accidents take place are Interstate 78, US Route 22, Pennsylvania Route 33, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Common causes of car crashes in Allentown

There may be many different causes of Allentown car accidents. A detailed investigation is required to file a claim and to ensure that negligent parties are held responsible for victims’ reimbursement. Some of the common causes of car crashes include:

  • Texting while driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding
  • Driving under the influence
  • Driver fatigue
  • Defective auto parts
  • Dangerous roads
  • Poor weather conditions
  • Construction sites and work zones

Any negligent party should be held responsible for their actions that threaten or take human life. If we look at the numbers, there were 7,700 crashes in Pennsylvania in 2020 according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). 

It’s clear from the statistics that there is no shortage of negligent drivers in the state. An Allentown car accident lawyer may prove to be beneficial if you have been injured by one.

For which injuries can you obtain reimbursement after an auto accident?

Injuries after an auto accident in Allentown can cause you emotional and physical trauma. Fundamental injuries related to car crashes may include:

  • Whiplash
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Disfigurement and amputations
  • Wrongful death

Medical or legal experts may be able to help you estimate the expenses for injuries sustained after a catastrophic accident.

What to do after an Allentown car accident

All Pennsylvania registered vehicle owners who operate a motor vehicle are required to carry a minimal amount of car insurance. After an accident, you may have to file a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claim. 

In addition to having to pay out of pocket for any accident-related expenses, people found operating a motor vehicle without insurance may have to pay a hefty penalty. An experienced Accident lawyer in Allentown can help with the procedure to file a claim.

Before you file PIP, you should contact a medical professional and seek medical attention for any injuries. This will not only protect your health and well-being, but will also help to document the existence and severity of any injuries, whether you were in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident. There are certain situations when you may be able to file a third-party insurance claim.

Comparative negligence in Allentown car accident cases

The rules for claiming compensation for personal injuries, such as that of a lower back injury, vary from state to state. In Allentown, PA, you have a two-year statute of limitations (starting from the date of the accident) to file a personal injury lawsuit. Failure to file the lawsuit within that period can bar you from recovering any damages.

It is important to know that Pennsylvania follows a comparative negligence theory of liability apportionment whereby a plaintiff’s compensation is reduced by their amount of liability. Therefore, if you are seeking compensation it’s important that you are not found to bear more than 50% of the responsibility. Otherwise, the court will bar you from recovery.

How long do you have to report a car collision?

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, you may be required to report the auto accident to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation within a specific period of time following the accident. Motorists in Pennsylvania are required to file a report within 5 days of the crash when:

  • The accident was not investigated by the police
  • The accident resulted in death, injury or severe damage to any vehicle

Pennsylvania authorities may suspend a license for failure to report an accident when it is required. If you are concerned about disclosing the accident to anyone, you can consult with an Allentown personal injury lawyer who understands the laws and relevant procedures.

How to choose an ideal Allentown car accident lawyer?

When searching for a lawyer with a good reputation, be careful. You should never choose without doing some preliminary research on the credentials, experience, and fee structure of a car accident attorney in Allentown. 

It is helpful to consult other professionals, as well as family and friends, for recommendations. Online referral directories can be a good resource. Many directories will list attorneys near you, their credentials, practice areas, case history, and success stories.

If you have been involved in an accident, do you need an Allentown accident lawyer?

There is much more to legal representation than litigating in court. In fact, most personal injury cases never reach the courtroom. Before that stage, a competent Allentown car accident attorney may be able to build your strong case that includes all supporting evidence. With a robust case, they can pursue a fair insurance settlement that helps you deal with your injuries and damages.

If your case does proceed to court, having legal representation is, of course, a highly significant advantage. A lawyer understands courtroom procedure, as well as how to introduce evidence, question witnesses, and communicate with the judge and jury. All of these skills are born of training and experience that a layperson is unlikely to have.

After all, car crashes can be extremely devastating in addition to being complex to discuss. The scene of an accident is also likely to be highly chaotic. Establishing the facts of your case may require multiple forms of evidence and/or testimony every step of the way.

Following an accident, you may be too hurt to handle everything on your own. Additionally, the legal process can be exhausting in various ways. Unfortunately, insurance companies have teams of people that may work tirelessly against you. Adjusters and investigators may look for ways to low-ball and give settlement offers that are unreasonable and unfair. 

With competent legal help from The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman, you can avoid pitfalls created by insurance companies and adjusters. Our staff has experience handling complex accident lawsuits, and they are always available for a free case evaluation.

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