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The twenty-first-century streets are more congested than ever before. You simply cannot deny the fact if you live around or in the core urban regions. There is an increasing number of automobiles with a rising percentage of pedestrians. Lack of time is a cherry on top. Almost everybody is hasting into something or running behind schedule.

Philadelphia hit and run lawyer at The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman has in-depth knowledge about complex hit and run cases. So, we will assist you in taking significant legal steps. Getting compensation for your loss and damages in an accident will be a comfortable process with our legal team. Our experienced personal injury lawyers can recover the appropriate amount if you have uninsured motorist protection. Our legal team will protect your rights without any hitch.

According to the records, many hit and run cases are reported every year. But very few victims approach to hit and run attorneys seeking compensation for their loss. We help such victims and his/her family members in handling the challenging situation in a better way.

Common reasons behind hit and run accident

It is termed hit and run because the driver simply leaves the scene after the crash. Have you ever been in such scenarios when you have been hit and neglected? Or have you just faced one recently?

According to affirmations of a hit and run accident lawyer, here are some of the situations that will explain when once can meet such an accident.

  • Driving in a high speed.
  • Sending text messages while driving.
  • Swerving in and out of the traffic unnecessarily.
  • Unlawfully passing.
  • Intentionally running stop signs or red lights.

You would be surprised to know that in the United States, at least one hit and run occurs every minute. As per recent estimation, these accidents take place about 682,000 times every single year! There are different types of hit-and-run cases that one can become part of. They may involve many different situations and so every case must be handled differently.

Some instances of hit and run cases

According to the World Health Organization, about 1.35 million face severe injuries only due to road crashes. One of the common types of accidents is the hit-and-run accident. This occurs in a large percentage nowadays.

Well, you might be familiar with the actual happening of this kind of case but not the terminology. This is common among many. To explain, this is a situation when a vehicle runs into a person or any object and leaves the scene.

This is because no one wants to get involved with the fuss. They think running away would be a natural choice. However, according to the hit and run lawyer Philadelphia that is not the case and does not end well. You must consult an experienced injury lawyer to discuss your case. Here are some examples of when hit and run case can occur.

  • The Driver was drunk- This is one of the most common scenarios for hit and runs accidents when it comes to the Hit and Run Accident Attorney Not getting caught in a DUI conviction is their ultimate priority. Thus, they will not stop to help even the most injured victims in the accident. They are more likely to escape a particular situation.
  • He was panicked- Now this happens when there is no such constructive fault and the driver has collided with you. This mostly happens with new drivers or drivers with a good record. They get extremely panicked. Not knowing what to do, they only leave the place due to extreme stress and panic.
  • The driver was uninsured– Some drivers might immediately leave the scene after running into you. No matter what your condition is, they won’t stop. The potential reason is that they do not have state-mandated automobile insurance with them. They do not want to be held responsible for any valuation of such law. Hence escaping is the best option for them in that situation, according to them.
  • Drivers with other legal issues – Any driver who fears any unpleasant consequences from communication with law enforcement might leave the collision scene. For instance, any driver who is not a U.S. citizen or is on parole might choose to take a chance as a hit-and-run driver.

List of issues when can you file a claim

There are many situations when people face a hit and run requests but do not know whether they want to file a claim. But according to the hit and run attorney, you will only be able to file a claim once you have met the following criteria.

  • The crash has occurred in your state.
  • You own the damaged property or vehicle, whether it is a bicycle or a fence.
  • You are not responsible entirely for the collision.
  • The insurance policies you have do not cover hit-and-run crashes.
  • You have reported a hit-and-run to police no later than forty-eight hours after that it has occurred.
  • Your drivers license is suitable and has not been under postponement at the time of the collision.
  • Your car has been registered, and its registration is still valid.
  • Your car or other property has sustained $500 plus in damage (lesser amount of 10% deductible of the car’s value with an amount of $500 minimal; the utmost compensation amount is about $10,000).

Any road crash, be it a motorcycle accident, bus accident, car or any other auto accident will result in a stress response. In these situations, most drivers lose track of what they need to do. This is where the importance of the do’s and don’ts specifications comes into the picture.

Apart from contacting a hit-and-run victim lawyer, here are some of the pointers that will help you make the most of your hectic situation. Some of the important things that you do after a mishap are:

  • Attain medical help, even if you think you have not been hurt.
  • Take as many details as possible about the other car.
  • Talk to the witnesses who might have watched the collision.
  • Contact your insurance company for reporting the incident.

Some important steps that you must avoid are:

  • Do not chase after the other car as that will invite more risk.
  • Do not leave the scene before the cops’ state that you can do so.
  • Do not admit the guilt just in any way as you can be found still at fault.
  • Do not miss to consult an attorney regarding your case.

How can a hit and run attorney help?

Whenever you face any hit-and-run accident, all you have to do is talk to an experienced hit-and-run accident lawyer. Choose someone who knows tort law and has handled ample personal injury cases. Here are some ways in which a lawyer can help you with.

  • Proving your point with the scene pieces of evidence.
  • Shielding you from false blames.
  • Communicating with the other party effectively.
  • Helping you with the documents that are needed.
  • Presenting the documents and presenting the case.
  • Communicating with your insurance company.
  • Providing additional tips and guidance.
  • Maximizing your chances of compensation for cases.

Skilled Philadelphia hit and run lawyers are the best ones to determine the best course of action when it comes to your specifications. The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman are highly ranked by clients.

With their years of experience in the industry, we have successfully obtained up to $ 495,000 for a motor vehicle accident, $400,000 for a slip and fall victim, and many more for various types of personal injury cases.

Seek Compensation with our experienced Hit and Run Lawyer

Our legal services cater to a wide variety of individual injury cases such as car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall injuries, animal bite injuries, and many more. Our lawyers for hit and run cases have been in the industry for more than twenty years.

The legal team at “The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman” is not just known for offering core legal solutions but also tackling the client’s hectic emotional, financial, and physical situations with full compassion and ownership.

Commonly Asked Questions About Hit and Run Accident Claims

What compensation can I get for a hit-and-run claim?

The amount and type can depend on many factors and may include compensation for economic, non-economic, and punitive damages.

How can I prove a negligent driver’s fault if they deny involvement?

If a negligent driver denies involvement, a thorough investigation of the accident scene and speaking to eyewitnesses can be helpful in gathering evidence to prove fault. These tasks are best completed by an experienced hit-and-run accident attorney.

Can I still get compensation if I did not have uninsured vehicle coverage?

Yes, you may still qualify for compensation, even if you did not carry uninsured motorist coverage when the hit-and-run accident occurred.

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