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If you have been a victim of medical malpractice, talk to the experienced Harrisburg medical malpractice lawyers at The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman. For a free consultation, call (215) 464-4600 today.

We have handled a substantial number of claims and helped medical malpractice victims in getting fair compensation for their injuries. Samuel Fishman has handled injury claims for over two decades. He and his legal team know the impact of medical malpractice on one’s life can be devastating.

Our lawyers first analyze complete loss of the claimant before filing an application. It helps in winning a sufficient settlement or claim amount for our clients.

Suppose an injured person has not filed a legal claim against the responsible party for a medical injury. In that case, they may never be able to obtain compensation for serious or life-threatening injuries. Long-term incapacity generally means long-term medical care and expenses.

Like a lot of states, Pennsylvania also has a statute of limitations for lawsuits for medical malpractice. The injured person must file their claim within two years from the date they suffered their injury.

Take a look at Common Medical Malpractice cases;

  • Failure to diagnose- this is one of the most common medical malpractice reasons that the SSA receives. Do not hesitate to file a case if the doctor fails to diagnose a medical condition or misdiagnoses you.
  • Improper treatment-If a doctor chooses improper treatment that no other competent doctor would recommend, and the patient faced terrible consequences, you may be entitled to compensation.
  • Fails to inform known risks of the treatment to the patient- Before giving any treatment, the doctors are supposed to reveal every detail to patient and his/her family. It must include procedure, duration of treatment, recovery, possible risks involved in the treatment, etc. This is termed as “the duty of informed consent.” The doctor may be liable for medical malpractice in such cases.

If you face any of the above situations or any other instance, you must discuss this with an attorney as soon as possible. They can evaluate your case thoroughly and tell you your legal options. A reputed Medical Malpractice Lawyer in  Harrisburg will always tell you what your best legal options are. They can assist you in getting fair compensation for your loss.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Pennsylvania

Do I have a medical malpractice claim?

A Medical Malpractice Attorney Harrisburg can suggest all legal options and assist in this procedure. If there is a chance for you to receive compensation, your lawyer will stand by your side. We will assist at every step until you obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

Your attorney will have comprehensive knowledge regarding medical errors, omissions, and mistakes. They understand how to pursue collection efforts on behalf of their injured clients.

Negligence is one of the first things the lawyer will consider and examine to determine who is responsible for any medical harm.

Was there some piece of faulty equipment that failed and caused medical consequences? Was a known defective product used in a medical procedure? Were there other events that occurred during a medical operation that resulted in damage to the patient?

Answers to all of these questions will help the applicant in winning the claim.

There are 4Ds of medical negligence;

  • Duty
  • Dereliction (diversion or neglect from the standard of care)
  • Damages and
  • Direct cause

Depending on the evidence available, your claim may behave merit to receive fair compensation. Usually, in order to prove negligence, it is helpful to present an eyewitness who can testify to all the facts related to the case.

Proving malpractice is often difficult because medical reports are written and provided by the defendant only. And they may defend themselves based on medical information in a different manner than what you experienced. To know the best way to handle your claim, you must connect with an attorney.

Medical Malpractice Can Pose a Huge Burden on The Victim

Costs for care are astronomical, and without legal action against the responsible party, the injured patient will bear all expenses alone. A skilled medical malpractice lawyer will fight for their client’s rights. They will help to receive fair compensation for their medical injuries.

As a personal injury, malpractice actions can be first reviewed by most Injury Lawyers in Harrisburg at no charge. Most lawsuits are also handled on a contingency basis. If the case is not won, there is no fee charged. Payments for winning cases are only taken when the applicant receives the compensation.

If someone is injured due to a treatment or other procedure, they should contact an attorney. Medical malpractice is a specialty area of practice for some attorneys. They are prepared to take up the fight for their clients, backed by years of winning cases and experience with malpractice issues.

They apply a unique approach for robust investigations and in presenting claims for damages. Never delay calling in a local medical malpractice attorney; the decision could have long-term positive impacts.

Long term effects may mean a person cannot engage in their favorite hobbies, live the lifestyle they used to enjoy, or continue to earn an income. Patients who have been harmed by medical mistakes, or whose family member has been injured by negligent medical practices need to know what to do.

Still, most of the applicants are generally untrained in handling legal procedures. For this reason alone, you need to get an appointment to see a local medical malpractice lawyer.

Talk to an experienced medical malpractice lawyer for legal help

If you have faced any kind of medical malpractice, feel free to connect with our lawyers at (215) 464-4600. We will help you learn about the legal options available to you. We have been handling medical malpractice claims for more than two decades now. Hence, our legal team can obtain fair compensation for your loss and damages.

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