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Samuel Fishman Esq, It would be natural to expect that an elderly family member is being treated well and having their needs met in a nursing home. In most cases, the elderly are treated well in nursing homes. However, there are some unfortunate exceptions.

Physical abuse is usually obvious, but negligence is not always visible. In an effort to ensure that your loved one is being treated well, you should educate yourself on the less visible signs of nursing home neglect.

Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

Elderly people are often either unable or unwilling to speak out about their neglect in nursing homes. In many cases, they are too ashamed to tell anyone. Sometimes, they are scared to tell anyone about what has been happening to them.

Some elderly people who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s are unaware of their neglect.

Abuse of the elderly can take many forms. The most common forms of nursing home neglect are listed below.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can occur in several ways. Sometimes, it will surface as verbal abuse. In this case, the elderly person may show signs of anxiousness or fear.

Another form of emotional abuse is isolation. When elders are isolated or ignored, they often withdraw and become depressed.


Many elderly people are in nursing homes because of their inability to handle their own personal hygiene. Some nursing homes do not provide the level of care that they are supposed to facilitate.

If a loved one is not having his or her personal hygiene needs met, you may detect the odor of urine or feces. Their dental hygiene may be lacking, and their clothes may be visibly soiled. Additionally, it may be quite obvious that they have not showered in a long time.

These things are evidence of nursing home neglect, and you will need the assistance of an experienced Philadelphia nursing home abuse lawyer.


Nursing homes are frequently given the responsibility of dispensing medication to their elderly residents. If medication is not properly administered by the nursing home, your loved one’s health may suffer.

Nursing homes are supposed to keep seniors as active as they possibly can. If this is not occurring, your loved one may have bed sores. Supervision is also vital in a nursing home.

Without the proper supervision, serious falls can occur at an alarming rate, which is another sign of neglect.

Basic Needs

It should be assumed that a nursing home would provide adequate nutrition, and a safe, clean environment; however, that doesn’t always occur. In many cases, elders refuse to let their family visit or see their rooms.

This is a sign that something is wrong. Also, if an elderly nursing home resident is visibly losing weight, it may be the result of poor nutrition.

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