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Personal Injuries That May Qualify for Compensation 

Most personal injury cases are legal disputes that occur when an individual experiences harm because of the negligence or carelessness of another individual. The negligent person might be responsible for the harm. Several types of accidental damages can leave a lasting impact on the sufferer’s life. 

Personal injuries cover all types of accidents and injuries that may lead to physical and emotional harm. If you are facing losses, damages, or pain and  suffering as a result of another’s fault, you can file a claim with the help of legal professionals. 

Before you proceed, you should be familiar with all the rules and regulations. Here, we have covered all the aspects related to personal injuries that you should be aware of. 

A Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer can be the best person to approach after any kind of accident. They can help you determine the right way to handle the situation. 

There are certain steps that can be important to your claim, such as calling the police and informing them about the incident, seeking immediate medical attention, and finding qualified legal representation. 

What Types of Personal Injuries Qualify for Compensation? 

Personal Injury attorney in PittsburghOne of the most important things to know is what is considered to be a personal injury. Here are some of the common types of injury cases that individuals pursue:

  • Road traffic accidents: Personal injuries encompass all types of motor vehicle accidents. Before taking legal action for damages, you should ensure that you report the incident and seek medical attention.
  • Dog bites: A dog bite can be dangerous and can affect an individual emotionally. The victim may experience anxiety and mental trauma because of the incident. One can always connect with a skilled injury lawyer to determine who is liable and fight the case. 
  • Workplace accidents: Workplace injuries are common and can pose dangerous threats for employees. When employers do not follow the basic safety practices, they can be held liable for the accidents. 
  • Slip, fall, and tripping accidents: Inadequate lighting and poor floor conditions can lead to trips and falls. These types of incidents often occur in shopping centers, parking lots, supermarkets, and restaurants. 
  • Medical negligence: Medical professionals have a duty to follow the basic standards of practice and provide proper care. If a healthcare provider fails to provide the appropriate level of care, they can be held responsible for damages. 

Types of Damages You Can Include in Your Claim

When someone else’s negligent behavior or fault causes a loss, you may be entitled to compensation. Here are common types of losses and damages you can include while evaluating the compensation amount:

Medical and hospital bills: An injury can lead to extensive expenses and hospital bills. It can limit your ability to function and require ongoing treatment. This can affect the plaintiff financially.

Lost wages: An injury can prevent the accident victim from earning a living and render them unable to work. This can lead to financial instability and may affect the victim’s dependents, as well. To recover these damages, you will have to provide comprehensive details about your losses, including employment documents, timesheets, or salary information. The law also allows victims to recover compensation for any kind of loss expected in their future earnings. 

Pain and suffering: This factor can be difficult to measure but can be included in a claim. A professional can help you evaluate the amount you deserve to compensate for your pain and suffering. Whether the accident was minor or major, it can have a serious emotional impact. Victims may experience psychological pain, disturbance, trauma, or depression. These damages are not easy to recover, and one should consult a Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer to learn more. 

Property damage: Many personal injury cases involve damage to vehicles or other personal property. Personal injury law allows victims to recover the costs involved with repair and replacement.

Determining Fault in a Personal Injury Case in Pittsburgh

When determining fault in a personal injury case, the law states that the person who caused harm to someone else may be held liable for the damages that the victim has incurred. There are two ways to determine fault in a personal injury case: negligence and strict liability. Strict liability applies in certain cases when an injury occurs even in the absence of overt negligence.

Different parties can be held responsible for personal injury cases. At times, multiple parties are involved. In some cases, the fault is shared by both the plaintiff and the defendant. The judge or jury can decide the actual liability based on the evidence you provide to support your claim. You can seek assistance from a skilled personal injury lawyer in Pittsburgh to determine who may share the liability.

Gather Evidence and Information 

It can be beneficial for victims to begin gathering evidence from the incident and the resulting damages as soon as they can after the accident occurs. Lack of evidence could cause a victim to recover nothing in the aftermath of their injuries. Therefore, you should have proper evidence to prove and support your case. The evidence may include CCTV footage, photographs, medical records, hospital bills, witnesses, and doctor testimonies. 

The claimant is responsible for proving that the damages or actual loss occurred. Additionally, the plaintiff will also have to prove that the incident happened because of the other person’s fault or negligence. 

How a Pittsburgh Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

Personal injury claims can be very complicated and frustrating for an accident victim. With a big personal injury case, you might find that there is a large mountain of work to climb before the trial even begins.

When you are injured in an accident, there is no need to worry about the legal process! The team of professionals at The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman can help you navigate your legal needs. Our team can provide a free consultation to determine whether we can provide the help you need in your unique case.

If you find yourself in one of the unfortunate situations in which you sustain a personal injury, it is important that you take the time to contact a Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer

Pittsburgh Personal injury lawyers have experience with this kind of litigation and are prepared to tackle the complicated subject matter. You can feel more confident that your case is being handled correctly.

There are various reasons to contact a personal injury attorney after an accident. Some of the most common reasons include when a wrongful death has occurred, when people have been seriously injured and need medical help, and when someone needs legal advice regarding their insurance claim. There is no typical amount of time that it may take for an injury lawyer to help resolve your case; it all depends on the facts involved in the situation.

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in Pittsburgh

You should always remember the particular deadline for filing a claim in your jurisdiction, which is called the statute of limitations. This limit tells you how much time you have after an incident to file the legal proceedings. 

The statute of limitations in Pittsburgh is generally two years, starting from the date when the incident happened. After the statute of limitations, the plaintiff can no longer file a lawsuit for financial losses. 

You should not delay your search for legal representation, so consult a Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer within the requisite time frame. If you have any further confusion regarding the process, you can discuss it with a legal professional. They can guide you and help you navigate the complex process. 

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