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Essential Steps to be taken after a dog bite injury

While dogs may be man’s best friend, dog bite injuries are on the rise in Bucks County. If you have been attacked by a dog and its owner may have been negligent, it is important to know what you can do to hold the at-fault party responsible.

The state’s dog bite laws are complicated, but an experienced legal team can help you understand what may have happened. You do not have to go through this experience alone: If you were attacked by a dog, contact a reputable Bucks County Dog Bite Lawyer for help.

Following a canine attack, you may experience a great deal of stress and not know what steps to take. You should take the following steps if you or a loved one has suffered a dog bite injury, as they can help you protect your health and any potential legal claims:

dog bite lawerReport the attack to the appropriate authority and seek immediate medical treatment. If you believe that the injury may be severe, call 911 and take an ambulance to the emergency room. Emergency room doctors often use rabies vaccines for treatment of wounds from animal bites. If the animal is not available or its vaccination status cannot be verified, additional treatments may be required to prevent contracting this fatal disease.

If possible, get the dog owner’s information. You may need it later if you decide to follow up on your attack with legal action. Many times, this will be simple because the owner will still be at the scene after the bite. If not, you can ask witnesses for the owner’s contact information. In addition, the owner may try to mount a strong dog bite defense by accusing you of antagonizing the animal.

Record evidence of how you look and feel on the day of the attack. In many cases, you may feel fine initially after the attack due to adrenaline, but then your condition could worsen significantly. Have a friend or family member take pictures and videos of your injuries immediately after the attack. They should also note what you were doing before and after the incident, as well as any changes in your state of mind.

Consult a legal professional. If the other party’s insurance company contacts you, do not speak to them until you have spoken to an experienced bucks county personal injury lawyer. You may need a dog bite attorney’s help if the situation continues or escalates after the incident.

Notify your own insurance company, if needed. Many homeowners’ policies cover dog bite injuries. You may need to file a claim with your insurance company in order for this protection to take effect.

Follow your attorney’s advice on what you should do next. They will most likely tell you not to speak about the incident, no matter how much you are pressed by others.

Be patient. While the above steps are important, you may need to follow additional ones later on, as well. Many times, these will be given by your attorney or insurance company. Following all of their advice can help to keep you protected throughout this process and help ensure that you receive any compensation that is available to you.

Bucks County Dog Bite Law

In Bucks County, the dog bite law states that a dog’s owner may be liable for the damages their dog caused in an attack. In general, this means that if you were bitten by a dog while walking around your neighborhood (a common example), then the neighbor who owned the dog would be liable for your injuries.

The good news is that you do not necessarily have to prove the owner was negligent to get compensation. This means that you can still recover if their dog had simply snapped and bitten you without any clear reason or warning (such as the owner all of a sudden starting to yell at it, or its food bowl was empty).

Contact Dog Bite Attorney in Bucks County 

A Bucks County Dog Bite Lawyer can help you recover compensation for your medical bills and pain and suffering. They can stand by your side throughout the lengthy process of dog bite lawsuits, taking care of the legal heavy lifting while you focus on your recovery. You should look for someone to handle your case with care and provide you with the legal help you need in this trying time. Contact us today.

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