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Role Of A Personal Injury Attorney In Erie

Are you wondering when to hire a personal injury lawyer in Erie? If you have been hurt in an accident then it is the right time and you should seek advice from an experienced lawyer.

Your ability to recover full and fair compensation depends upon many factors. Compensation depends on the severity of your injuries, parties at fault, insurance complexities, and many other vital factors. Whether you have been injured in a car accident, or in some other personal injury, or have been injured on the job and need to seek worker’s compensation, a capable lawyer on your side will be of great help. 

A personal injury case often involves chaos and confusion. To help organize that chaos and clear the confusion, a skilled personal injury attorney in Erie can be a vital member of your team.  At many points as you seek personal, physical and financial recovery from your loss, you will be well-served by the guidance of a seasoned lawyer. 

A knowledgeable attorney can help you recover, physically, mentally, and financially. Therefore, it is essential to consult a lawyer if you or your loved ones have been injured due to someone else’s reckless negligence.

An experienced Erie personal injury attorney has experience handling legal matters and also possesses expertise in representing personal injury cases such as automobile or motorcycle accidents, dog bites, premises liability cases, trucking accidents, traumatic brain injuries, and many other types of personal injury cases.

Types of Personal Injuries

  • Motor Vehicle Accident: Every year thousands of people get injured in case of motor vehicle accidents. When a victim, whether a passenger, driver or pedestrian, is hit by a motor vehicle such as a car, truck, or motorcycle due to someone else’s mistake, they can suffer terrible physical injuries and financial losses.  
  • Medical Malpractice: Medical malpractice occurs when someone is injured due to the negligence of medical staff including nurses, doctors, or other medical professionals, or because of the carelessness of hospitals.  Medical malpractice cases can result from misdiagnosis, surgical errors, pharmacy errors, improper treatment, birth injuries, or a failure to detect a serious illness such as cancer or severe health conditions. 
  • Wrongful Death: A wrongful death occurs when someone is killed owing to someone else’s mistake. The victim’s heirs or estate can file a lawsuit against the culprit. Some of the most common wrongful death lawsuits are filed due to car accidents, truck crashes, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, airplane accidents, construction accidents, and the use of defective products. A wrongful death lawsuit may allow for the recovery of damages that vary based on the accident.   
  • Workplace Accident: If a worker is killed or injured while working for an employer, they may be able to recover through the workers’ compensation system. Employees are not usually permitted to bring a personal injury lawsuit against their employer. However, a workers’ compensation claim may allow various benefits to the injured worker. 
  • Other Types of Personal injuries: Other mishaps can lead to claims for recovery. Some of the other types of personal injuries include nursing home abuse, dog bites, boating accidents, brain injuries, birth injuries, spinal cord injuries, products liability, premises liability, food poisoning, legal malpractice, and other catastrophic accidents. 

When To Seek Assistance From A Personal Injury Lawyer In Erie?

According to statistics published by the National Safety Council Injury Facts, America experienced approximately 173,000 deaths that could be prevented. In addition, 48.3 million people suffered from non-fatal injuries, and about $1,097 billion expenses were spent on treatment in the year 2019. 

Many of those deaths and injuries almost certainly give rise to claims for compensation by the injured victims or their loved ones. For those individuals residing in Northwestern Pennsylvania, the help of an experienced personal injury attorney in Erie can be invaluable.

What Should a Person Do When He or She Is Suffering From Devastating Injuries?

A person faced with serious injuries from an accident must consider both their medical and their legal needs.

Injuries stemming from an accident can be quite subtle and can take time to become apparent.  A victim may believe that he or she suffers only from minor aches, a backache, or simple bruises, but those may be symptoms of more severe trauma like a broken bone or herniated disk. 

Therefore, an accident victim should consult a doctor right away, and continue to follow the doctor’s advice. Sometimes, a second opinion may be warranted.

In addition, it is important to consult an experienced Erie personal injury lawyer who will help you explore any possible claim for compensation.

A lawyer will guide you settling your case when you have severe injuries caused by the negligence of another. In addition, a lawyer can advise you about non-economic damages such as pain, suffering that may be entitled to receive compensation. 

Some of the damages might include:

  • Emotional pain
  • Mental anguish
  • Employment leave
  • Medical treatment
  • Physical injuries. 

A lawyer will analyze the evidence including the documents and medical records and bills, that will help determine the complete value of your case as well as testimony of the witnesses, photos of injuries, and psychiatric records.

Am I Entitled to Compensation When An Accident Involves The Use Of Alcohol?

According to the Dram Shop Law on Liquor liability in Pennsylvania, an employee of any licensed establishment, like a bar or restaurant, who serves alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person becomes liable for any injuries and damages caused by that individual. The consumption of alcohol may lead to many different tragedies including car accidents caused by drunk driving, boating accidents, drowning, fights in bars.

Contact an attorney who is able to assist you with your case if you have sustained injuries due to the acts of someone else who was under the influence of alcohol.

Can I Still Receive Compensation if I Am Uncertain Which Party Was At Fault?

Fault or legal liability refers to who is responsible for the injury that occurred or who is held responsible for an accident. Ultimately a court will determine legal liability in the event of an accident. An experienced trial lawyer can investigate the case and can analyze which party was responsible for causing the accident. 

An attorney can give you clarity on responsibility for personal injuries. The determination of liability often turns on a negligent act, a product defect, a lack of obedience to the law, or neglect of routine maintenance of a property or building.

How Do I Deal With Insurance Complexities Involved In An Accident?

Insurance adjusters often deny legitimate claims or delay processing claims.  If this happens, you will then have to deal with your injuries and finances by yourself, without the aid of insurance. A good personal injury lawyer can negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf and can help you receive full and fair compensation for your insurance claim.

A lawyer can assist with any dispute filed against the decision of an insurance company, should the adjuster deny the claim because of:

  • Alleged failure to file a claim on time;
  • Lack of legal representation;
  • Lack of proper investigation;
  • The claim exceeds the available coverage limits;
  • Failure to receive immediate medical treatment;
  • Allegations of fraud in the insurance claim. 

Do I Still Need a Lawyer to Receive Payment if I Negotiate Outside Court?

People often try to avoid filing a lawsuit and try to settle their case out of court. In such cases, the assistance of a personal injury attorney will often be of considerable value. A good personal injury attorney will utilize his or her skills, knowledge, and reputation in negotiating a settlement and will help you win a fair resolution that avoids litigation.

A lawyer can also prepare your claim in such a way that you will still be able to file a lawsuit if needed to resolve your case, should negotiations fail.

An injured victim must carefully select the right attorney based not only on his or her reputation, experience, and areas of practice,  but also after considering whether his or her personality matches with the victim’s.  If you are seeking legal advice, you should certainly ask questions and look for referrals for any personal injury lawyer that you consult.

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