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Author: Samuel Fishman

Publish Date: 2022-06-19

Harrisburg Truck Accident Attorney

Have you ever faced a truck accident? You should talk to an experienced truck accident lawyer in Harrisburg at (215) 464-4600 and know your legal rights.

The legal team at The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman has handled many truck accident cases with over two decades of experience. Samuel Fishman has been representing injury claimants since 1995, and we can take efficient legal steps to win your claim.

With over 15.5 million commercial trucks traveling the roads of this country, the fact that tractor-trailer accidents account for only about 2.4% of the traffic accidents is astounding. Nevertheless, someone dies or is injured in a truck accident every 16 minutes. This is a sobering figure.

Truck Accident LawyerDriver issues, unsafe vehicles, unsafe loads, longer than normal trailer combinations, and increased transportation of hazardous materials are all reasons why more semi-truck accidents happen every day. If you or people you love have been injured in a tractor-trailer accident, the Truck Accident Lawyer Harrisburg at The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman can assist you.

The majority of commercial truck drivers are responsible, law-abiding, and experienced big truck handlers. But there are a few who break the rules and have caused tragedy on the roads. Fatigue is also a huge issue as drivers try to build up as many hours as possible to increase their mileage and build up their paycheck.

With increasing fuel expenses, making a profitable living has become more difficult. It is not unusual for drivers to push themselves past the regulated hours to earn a little extra income. However, the results can be catastrophic with these significant truck drivers drifting into other lanes or off the road completely.

  • Over-tired and stressed drivers could also become unnecessarily aggressive by speeding, crowding, and intimidating other vehicles on the road. These are often causing severe tractor-trailer accidents that we see every day.
  • Other causes of truck accidents include unsafe, oversized loads or complications hauling longer combination vehicles.
  • Loads that are not properly positioned or secured can cause weight shifting. It will throw a truck out of its lane or even cause a rollover. Also, the fact that truckers haul over 800,000 hazmat shipments daily has its own terrifying implications for accidents.

Nothing is more devastating than getting injured in a wreck involving a tractor-trailer. Many people suffer life-threatening injuries and have to face severe life-changing circumstances. Hefty medical costs make their life troublesome, and it becomes difficult to live for the entire family.

The victims’ insurance doesn’t need to cover all of their expenses, and this can increase our difficulties to another level. If you have faced such an accident, contact an attorney who can help you get maximum compensation for your overall loss.

What can we do after a truck accident?

Well, taking the right steps after facing a truck wreck can safeguard many of our rights. If you have already faced a truck accident, you must take professional advice before it’s too late. Here is a list of things to do after facing a truck accident to protect your rights.

  • Remain in the vicinity of the crash and call 911- Do not leave the accident scene. Staying at the accident scene until police or ambulances arrive is not recommended. It may be considered a hit and run case if you do so. After an accident, you should immediately check if your passengers are injured and move your vehicle out from the traffic lane. If you are in the condition to call the police and ambulance, you must take the step forward by informing them about the accident and injured people.
  • Capture evidence of the accident- Taking photos/videos of the accident site should not be missed. Try to capture the entire accident site. Capture photos of injured people, the extent of chaos, vehicles driving from different angles, road signs, and conditions, etc. so that you can show them later to the concerned officials. You can also take videos of an eyewitness to prove your innocence. Gather names and contact information of eyewitnesses.
  • Seek medical help- Call an ambulance and board it to reach the hospital if you are injured. Avoid private vehicles to reach the hospital if you can. Things like internal bleeding, concussions, etc. can be well treated immediately by ambulance professionals. Medical records are crucial information to prove your loss in an accident; hence boarding an ambulance and taking a medical examination after the accident will help you in future claims.
  • Don’t post-accident details on social media platforms: Posting details of accidents can go wrong due to others’ comments on your posts. People can even manipulate the information and use it against you to prove you guilty. If you are severely injured and unable to take pieces of evidence, make sure, you follow other steps. You can talk to an attorney after taking all basic medical help. It will help them work towards gathering shreds of evidence to prove you innocent.

Should I hire a Truck Accident Attorney in Pennsylvania?

  • Truck accident lawsuits are complicated and difficult to handle. Not all attorneys can help you in getting fair compensation for your loss in a truck accident. Governed by many special rules, truck accidents are very different than typical auto accidents. Many parties can be responsible for a truck accident, and you will need an experienced attorney to stand by your side to do the needful.
  • The truck accident lawyers at the Law Offices at Samuel Fishman have experience with all types of tractor-trailer accidents. Our office will investigate the cause of your accident. We use our experience to help you obtain your case’s full settlement value. Further, our office will advance all costs associated with your case and not charge a single fee until you win! Call us today for your free consultation!
  • Although commercial trucking is an established and necessary industry in the United States, holding trucking companies and drivers accountable for the injuries they cause to innocent people is just as important. In an accident, 98% of the time, the deaths and injuries happen to smaller vehicles.

Talk to an experienced truck accident lawyer about the claim

We make sure that when truck drivers fail to act responsibly in driving their tractor-trailers, they are held responsible for their actions. The insurance companies have experienced attorneys working on their side, and so should you.

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