Philadelphia Bone Fracture Lawyer

Philadelphia Bone Fracture Lawyer: Assisting with Broken Bones

When you have suffered a broken bone injury, it can cause you enormous pain and suffering. It might even take a long time to recover from your fractures. These injuries often happen due to the recklessness of others. 

A Philadelphia Bone Fracture Lawyer can help you handle serious injury claims. They will be able to guide you and help you seek compensation. They can also inform you of your legal rights. A bone fracture is categorised as a personal injury case. An experienced personal injury attorney will work to prove that the negligence of another party caused your injury. 

Each person owes a specified duty of care to others, meaning they must avoid causing harm to others. Suppose a motorcyclist is not following the traffic laws and that caused your injuries; the motorcyclist can then be held responsible for the various expenses arising out of your injury. If you suffer a bone fracture in a workplace accident, you can receive monetary help through workers’ compensation laws. This is because an employer owes a duty of care to their employees.

What Are The Common Causes Of Broken Bones?

There are several ways a person can become injured or sustain a fracture. Some of the most common causes of broken bones involving the negligence of other parties include:

There are also several other potential causes of broken bones. If you have broken or fractured a bone and have questions about your case, you can contact a Philadelphia Bone Fracture Lawyer for help.

What are the different types of fractures?

The type of bone fracture can depend on the force, affected part, and in which direction the impact was sustained. Greenstick fractures are most commonly found in children who are weak and whose bones are not developed. Simple fractures are the type of fracture that breaks the entire bone. Stress fractures cause hairline cracks in the bones that do not cause complete breakage. Pathologic fractures are the outcome of osteoporosis or the weakening of bones.  

Philadelphia Bone Fracture Lawyer With comminuted fractures, bones are broken into pieces that require screws or rods for treatment. Impacted fractures are those types of fractures that cause breakage of bones. Compound fractures are a type of fracture that causes serious breaking of bones in which the bone gets into the skin. This causes open wounds and requires immediate medical attention. 

The time it takes to recover from a bone fracture depends on the age of the injured victim. It also depends on which bone is broken, the severity of the fracture, and what constitutes a full recovery. A minor breakage will generally heal faster than more severe fractures. Younger people also recover faster as compared to older people. 

Some of the most common types of bones that are broken or fractured are the shoulder (collarbone), knee, leg (femur, tibia, fibula), arm (radius, humerus, ulna), and feet, skull, toes, nose, and hip. The fingers, sternum, and ribs are also  susceptible to fractures.

How is a Bone Fracture Diagnosed?

A bone fracture is diagnosed by conducting tests and checking the entire medical history of the patient. Further, there is a process where the images of broken bones are also examined by the doctor. 

This diagnosis may include pictures of a computed tomography scan that is popularly known as CT Scan, X-Ray, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

How To Proceed In A Bone Fracture Case?

After an injury occurs, it is up to the injured victim or the plaintiff to decide when to file a personal injury lawsuit. For a better outcome, a victim should seek the help of a bone fracture attorney who knows all of the legal deadlines and procedures.   

After a case is filed then the trial process can begin. Both the parties exchange relevant documents and necessary information. Then, a court date is finalised. At trial, both the parties will state their issues in front of the judge. 

The trial process can take months or years for a final verdict. A settlement can help victims receive their money faster, but it is important to have sound legal advice when it comes to broken bone settlements.

Should I Accept a Settlement Offer from the Insurance Company for a Fracture?

The insurance adjuster of the insurance company will try to offer the claimant a low settlement offer. They think that the victim will accept their first offer out of nervousness. This is how insurance companies make profits and limit their financial liability for any accident.

The insurance companies are also aware that most people do not know the real value of their case. The first settlement offer is almost never the best offer. However, it is up to the claimant to accept the offer at first or not. Therefore, it is always suggested to take legal advice before accepting any settlement offer.

The insurance company will not increase their settlement offer if the victim does not counter their first  offer. This is why it is important to consult with an experienced attorney who has handled similar cases in the past. 

Need Legal Help? Contact The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman

The process of recovering from broken bones is not an easy one. Bone fractures can cause you unbearable pain. An injured victim must seek reimbursement for medical treatment costs, any physical therapy is given, other ongoing treatments, and lost income. 

If you have been harmed by the negligence of someone else then you are entitled to compensation. A Philadelphia Bone Fracture Lawyer at our firm will handle your case and work to prove that another party is liable for your injury.

If you have been suffering from the pain of a fracture then you can speak with one of our legal experts and get a free case evaluation. While broken bones lawyers at our law firm handle your case, you can easily heal and recover from your broken bones.

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