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Legal Help To Get Monetary Compensation For Head And Brain Injuries in Philadelphia

Any trauma to the skull, scalp, or brain can be termed a head injury. It can be a minor bump or a severe brain injury. If someone else’s negligence caused your head injury, you could get a personal injury claim for the same.

You can consult the Philadelphia brain injury attorney at The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman to help you file the application and get the claim. Our legal team is handling injury claims for years and hence, we can take effective steps depending on your situation. We are known for fulfilling various legal needs of personal injury claimants.

There can be multiple reasons for head injuries. It can be caused by slip and fall, auto accidents, or any other form of accident at work. These are personal injuries where you can seek a claim for your damages.

Head injuries can be devastating and can have long-term effects on life in an individual’s life. It can even affect the amount of compensation. Therefore, if it wasn’t your fault, you can make a head injury compensation claim.

After Facing A Severe Head Injury in Philadelphia

If you have sustained a head injury and it wasn’t your fault, you may be liable to get the compensation and benefits. Whether your injury is mild or severe, you may be eligible for compensation and benefits. A Philadelphia brain injury attorney can evaluate the case and tell the chance for you to receive compensation.

Philadelphia Brain Injury LawyerHead injuries can be closed or open. Open head injuries are the ones where the object penetrated the brain, and the skull was broken. On the other hand, closed head injuries are the ones where the skull was left intact.

Head injuries can turn life upside down. Many troubles surround us in such cases. It will be better to connect with a Philadelphia brain injury lawyer to check if you can file a claim and seek compensation for your loss.

However, before making a claim, you must take the necessary steps and focus on gathering evidence to prove your liability. In case you do not have proof, then your claim will get affected. You must have proof that it was someone else’s fault, and you were not responsible for your condition.

Here are a few things that you should do after you have had an accident:

  • Gather photographs and evidence You must always take pictures of the area after the accident if you are in the condition to do so. This will help you in proving your claim. If you ever get injured in an accident, you must always take photographic evidence. Also, take detailed pictures of your injuries. You must also document the whole incident to remember all the details. Make sure that you don’t forget anything related to your injury.
  • Speak to eyewitnesses If there were eyewitnesses near the accident place, you must speak to them. Note down their names and contact details for further references. It will help you in making your case stronger and getting the benefits.
  • Seek medical help Always seek medical consultation. No matter how minor your injury is, you must visit a medical practitioner. Keep all the medical copies with you. It will make your case strong and will help you get the compensation that you deserve.
  • Report to the police You must report the accident to the nearest police station.

You must also get in touch with a Philadelphia brain injury lawyer to help you with these and further steps. An attorney can help you in taking the right steps to avoid future troubles. If you suffer severe injuries and damages, they can help you file an injury claim. The compensation received from the claim helps in managing many expenses in this tough time after the accident.

Types of Compensation A Claimant Can Receive After A Traumatic Brain Injury

If you have been injured and have sustained a head injury, you must consider getting a personal injury claim for the same. The injured person and his/her family members have to bear a lot of pain and suffering. You must explore your chance to receive benefits with a traumatic brain injury lawyer because this can give you a lot of help in managing expenses.

You can receive compensation for the following damages caused to you:

  • Medical expenses – The cost of treatment adds up quickly. If your injury was severe and is long-lasting, you will even be liable to receive future medical expenses.
  • Lost income – You are entitled to receive compensation for the income that you lost because of the injury. If the injury has reduced your ability to earn, the compensation amount will also include that.
  • Physical pain and suffering – The compensation will consist of the amount of pain and suffering caused to you. It will include the impact that the injury had on your life.
  • Emotional distress – You may suffer mental stress because of the damage. You will get compensation for that.

How to Start Your Head Injury Compensation Claim?

Head injury is one of the most severe injuries and often makes the highest personal injury claim settlements. It is because of the severity of the injuries. In the long-term, these injuries can severely affect the quality of life. Therefore, an individual may get a high amount of compensation for a head injury.

To start the compensation process, you must get in touch with a solicitor or one of experienced attorneys. If you have suffered a head injury and it wasn’t your fault, you may be eligible for compensation for the same. You can file a personal injury lawsuit to claim your compensation.

Common head injuries for which you can get compensation:

  • You got hit on the head with an iron bar.
  • A car accident caused a severe head injury.
  • A heavy object fell on your head from a height.
  • Wounds to the scalp or skull.
  • You have suffered damage to the brain tissue.
  • Slips, trips, and falls caused injuries to the head.

To discuss and start the legal process, you must contact an attorney to assist you with the application process. Philadelphia brain injury lawyers are well-versed with the laws related to head injuries and various other concerns. Therefore, they will ensure that all the rules and regulations are followed. You will get the right compensation that you are entitled to.

Discuss Your Rights With An Experienced Philadelphia Head Injury Attorney

Experienced lawyers who have handled head and brain injuries in their professional arena can help in many ways. They will evaluate your loss, and file the proper compensation, with all the necessary documentation to preserve your claim.

An attorney at The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman, can provide you with extended legal assistance to handle such a critical request and get compensation for every loss, pain, and suffering.  

We are a reputed brain injury law firm with highly experienced attorneys who can handle head and brain injuries very strategically. Due to years of experience and in-depth knowledge about personal injury law, our legal team provides extended legal help. Call our office and schedule a free consultation session!

Commonly Asked Questions about Head injury Cases

When should I contact an attorney after a head or brain injury?

You should contact an attorney if your head injury resulted from another party’s ignorance, such as after a slip-and-fall accident caused by the property owner’s negligence or improperly maintained roads, a motor vehicle accident, an assault, or a workplace injury. 

May I file a claim if my brain injury was diagnosed months after surgery?

In this case, it is important to determine whether the injury was the result of medical malpractice. An experienced attorney can analyze your case and perform necessary research to determine whether your injury was caused by improper handling by healthcare professionals during treatment.

Can a brain injury cause cognitive symptoms?

Yes. In many cases, brain injuries manifest with memory issues, poor judgment capabilities, learning difficulties, partial or complete loss of reading and writing skills, and issues with speech. To prove the extent of your brain injury, you will require extensive medical records. Consulting an experienced brain injury attorney can help.

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