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Modern resorts and hotels have become fabulous places of luxury. With the lush pools, great restaurants, gym, and other activities, these resorts give you a world-class experience. Be it a family gathering or business trip, staying at a resort is a thrilling experience.

However, at times, things never proceed that way you may think. And, at times, you might expect the unexpected. Things might go wrong with the food, or you might witness long queues or poor services.

The experienced Philadelphia Hotel Accident Attorney at The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman take charge of your case as soon as you consent for the same. We reinvestigate your case, find out who was at fault, talk to the concerned person/authorities, gather documents, and complete every necessary step to strongly represent your case. All this is done by lawyers to compensate for the loss and damages you have faced.

Accidental Deaths & Hotel Liability

Resorts and hotels require constant maintenance alongside rigorous adherence to safety standards. When the owner’s attention to detail is missing, the guests might be injured seriously. Typical hotel or resort injuries can involve diving or swimming accidents, slip- &-fall injuries, fires, elevator mishaps, bus, or even shuttle accidents. In case you or your loved one has got injured at the hotel or resort, a hotel negligence lawyer can be your help.

Hotel or resort liability cases are not necessarily ‘cut and dry.’ It might get challenging to determine who is responsible for the injury. Truth be said, pursuing claims is challenging (when you live in a different country or state from where the damage took place). But with the legal assistance from a professional, your case will get grounds with the hotel injury lawyer being able to build a case.

Hotels cannot invite the guests without taking measures that ensure your safety. So this means hotels and companies controlling hotels should stay abreast of the current threats and dangers or other industry practices for addressing the risks and dangers. In case they do not, then the hotel authorities are liable in the lawsuit cases.

Things that Hotels must keep in mind are:

  • Hotel Accident Lawyer PhiladelphiaThe hotel should enable its guests to arrive safely at the hotel and park in a safe location.
  • Reduce the shadowy and dark areas around the hotel building, which might result in violent or criminal cases (light up the dark areas that are otherwise the major attraction for people to hide and attack the guests).
  • The hotel authorities should also be concerned about installing, maintaining, & properly monitoring the hotel premises’ security cameras.
  • For a hotel to run smoothly, it is a good idea to develop proper procedures for ensuring that the hotel areas get regularly inspected.
  • The hotel authorities must ensure that the guests do not bring any deadly weapons, bombs, guns, or dangerous knives onto the premises. Strong security would be able to prevent such lethal affairs.
  • The hotel authorities should also guarantee that the emergency assistance (be it the law enforcement or the emergency medical service) has to be summoned as quickly as possible to respond to the threat or even the injury incident.
  • The train hotel staff should find additional help for the guests and visitors. It will help them keep the guests safe.

It is preferable to connect with sufficient experience of handling such hotel accident claims in case of a wrongful act.

Damages one might be awarded within the hotel security case

When hotels do not take appropriate actions and fail to consider potential danger, it’s the guests who are put at risk of suffering property damages or personal injuries. Hotel accident victims may suffer head injuries, neck and back injuries, etc. One of the most common injuries that happen in hotels is slip and fall injury. All such damages result in expenses, including:

  • Medical bills.
  • Ongoing therapy or ongoing treatment costs.
  • Loss of income.
  • Lost wages.
  • The replacement cost of the property.
  • Costs are tied to emotional as well as mental harm, and these events cause routinely.
  • Maintenance and purchase of special equipment that is required after the injury is caused.

You have little time to take action if you have been inside the hotel or hotel property. In each state, the statute of limitations controls the time the victim has to file the hotel injury claims. In some states, the victims might have several years to investigate and file the lawsuit compensation from the hotel. Rules can vary from state to state; hence you must connect with a legal professional.

Having A hotel injury lawyer Always Helps!

When we face an accident and get injured, things become complicated. Many difficult situations surround our family and us. Hefty medical bills, lost wages, loss of lives, pain, and suffering, make it difficult for us to return to everyday lives. In such scenarios, hiring the Philadelphia Hotel Accident Attorney can be very beneficial.

The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman is a reputed law firm that has helped numerous claimants in such cases. Our team investigates every patient with the utmost perfection. This helps us in winning sufficient settlement for our client’s loss and damages in hotel accidents.

Call our office and book your first free consultation with our legal professionals.

Common Questions Asked About Hotel Accident Attorney

Can you sue a hotel for negligence?

Yes, if you can show the proof of negligence. A lawyer who has handled similar cases against hotels can help. 

Can I file a claim against a hotel for a crime that occurred on the premises?

If you have proof that the hotel’s negligence allowed the incident that caused you harm and damages to occur, a personal injury lawyer can help you take the steps necessary to sue the hotel.

How can I find a hotel injury attorney?

If you suffered an injury at a hotel or resort, you can ask friends and family for recommendations or you can search the internet for lawyers near you who have represented clients in similar cases. Be sure to research carefully!

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