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Injuries from Medication Errors

One major problem that is caused by the increased number of residents at nursing homes and assisted living facilities is the failure of the staff to appropriately distribute medication. Medication errors jeopardize the life of every patient at a nursing home/assisted living facility. 

The effects of medication errors can, not only have dire effects on the person whose medication is improperly administered, but also affect other patients and the patient’s family. 

If you believe that a medication error has resulted in the injury or death of your loved one, a Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Attorney can help you explore your options.

How Medication Errors Hurt the Person Taking the Medication?

Philadelphia Medication Errors LawyerWhen visiting a doctor, patients automatically expect to be prescribed medication of some sort to help them get rid of what is causing them problems. If a doctor prescribes that a patient must take a specific medication at a certain time, then said patient should take that medication at the required time. 

The failure of a facility to administer the appropriate prescription drug at the appropriate time may be the cause of serious injury or even death. Another problem could occur, for example, when the facility fails to administer the correct dosage of medicine to the patient. 

Many times, the carelessness of the staff at a nursing home can lead to the administration of too much or too little of a medication to the patient. 

This can happen when a doctor changes the medication and the staff does not check the medical chart before administering the medication. It could also happen if the staff simply does not pay enough attention and administers the wrong amount.

Regardless of how the problem occurred, it is the responsibility of the nursing home/assisted living facility to appropriately administer medications to its patients. If you or your loved one has been injured as the result of medication errors in nursing to properly administer medications, you may want to consult with an experienced lawyer.

How Medication Errors in Hospital Hurt the Other Residents

Other residents can also be hurt as a result of the failure of the provider to properly medicate its patients. Some of the patients suffering medication errors that are living at the assisted living facility may be receiving medications to help with mental conditions. These patients may get violent without the proper medications. 

It is the responsibility of the health care professionals to ensure that the patient takes the right amount of prescribed medication at the right time so that the risk of violent outbursts is minimal.

The failure of a nursing home/assisted living facility to administer the appropriate medication to a patient that results in said patient causing injury to another person is a severe and a significant problem.

If you or your loved one has been harmed due to some medication errors in the hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility, you may want the assistance of an experienced attorney to evaluate your case.  

Different types of Medication and Prescription Errors

Medications pass through many hands before they reach the patient, starting with the manufacturer. There are therefore many opportunities for various professionals to make mistakes before the medicine gets to the patient.

For example, the manufacturer could have made an error in making the medicine. It is also possible for the pharmacy to make a mistake when giving out the medicines. Or, there could be medication errors in nursing if the nurse made a mistake in administering the medicine. It is also possible that the doctor might write the wrong prescription

Experienced Medication errors lawyers can help you determine who made the error. A health care professional can make the error by failing to do some of the following:

  • Treat the patient in the right way;
  • Diagnose the condition correctly;
  • View the patient’s complete medical history;
  • Notice any drug allergies;
  • Notice what medications the patient is already taking;
  • Warn of any risks or side effects;
  • Prescribe the correct dosage of medicine.

What Evidence Is Required To Prove Your Claim?

Whenever a patient suffers from any medical error and sustains severe injuries then you can file Medication Error Lawsuits. If you or your loved one has suffered from an error made by a healthcare professional, then you may consider getting an experienced medication errors attorney to help you file a claim.

Your attorney will go through all of the facts of your case and set up a plan on how to proceed going forward. He or she will take steps to help protect the relevant evidence necessary to pursue your claim. It may include:

  • Obtaining pictures of the abuse/injuries. It is always suggested to start taking pictures immediately upon any suspicion that a neglectful situation has occurred.
  • Obtaining the medical records of the injured person including how and when each dose of medicine was administered.
  • Obtaining the patient’s prescription history as indicated by his or her primary physician.
  • Obtaining the documentation of supervision, or lack thereof, by the nursing home or other medical establishment.
  • Examining his or her medical history.
  • Examining his or her daily routine.
  • Determining if video evidence exists of the suspected abuse.
  • Determining if there are any witnesses.
  • Inquiring into whether the patient was properly cared for, including whether the appropriate support was given to the patient.
  • Determining any additional complications that may have occurred as the result of the nursing home’s  or other medical establishment’s improper care.

Medication Errors Lawyers Will Help You In Pursuing The Compensation?

Seeking help from a legal professional will help you get individualized and personal service for your case. Cases that involve medical malpractice can quickly transform into complex lawsuits. The lawsuits filed are against the doctors or health care professionals who made the errors so they can be held liable. 

The doctors, nurses, and medical facilities have insurance companies and attorneys who will work to prove that they should not be held liable for your pain and sufferingTherefore, it would be extremely beneficial to have Medication errors lawyers guide you through this process. They will maximize your odds of getting compensation for a medical error that caused you harm.

The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman are here to provide you with a complete understanding of how you can file a claim in case of medical malpractice. 

Our personal injury lawyers will investigate your case and analyze how best to proceed for your claim to be successful. Contact us now and fill out our free case evaluation form to discuss your case with our lawyers.

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