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The Many Forms of Negligence

Negligence takes place if someone is hurt by the dereliction of the duties, skills or distinct standards of an individual, business or government entity. Many types of accidents are caused by negligence. Examples of negligence would include the following:

  •  Dog owners who do not keep their pets under control.
  •  Slip and fall accidents.
  •  Manufacturers who fail to maintain their equipment.
  •  Injuries caused by a lack of adequate safety standards.
  •  Reckless driving that results in a vehicle accident.
  •  Accidents on public transportation, including trains, planes, buses or taxis.
  •  Collisions with trucks.
  •  Motorcycle accidents.

Negligence has Four Basic Factors

Lawyer PhiladelphiaThere are four basic parts of a negligence case.

  • Duty of Care – It must be proven that the business or company was responsible for your safety when you were injured.
  • Breach of Duty – Your attorney needs to show that the business or individual neglected their responsibility in a clear-cut, verifiable manner.
  • Monetary Damages – Your lawyer must prove that you incurred loss of income, medical costs or other encumbrances that cost you money as a result of the injury you suffered.
  • Physical or Emotional Injury – It must be proven that you suffered physical or emotional injuries due to predictable harm resulting from negligence.

If your attorney doesn’t have the necessary experience to prove all these factors to a judge, you will not prevail in your case. If you’ve suffered an injury in Philadelphia, you need to be represented by a masterful negligence attorney who knows how to prove your case in a court of law.

Because there is so much paperwork, you really need to have a professional Philadelphia attorney with years of experience representing you. An inexperienced lawyer will simply be overcome by the task.

Gathering Evidence for your Negligence Case

An accomplished Philadelphia negligence attorney must ferret out and gather many distinct pieces of evidence to favorably establish your case. Your attorney will need to produce numerous records.

  •  All your related medical records
  •  Your expenses from the injury
  •  Insurance reports
  •  The safety paperwork
  •  Witness depositions
  •  Photographs or videos pertaining to your injury
  •  Any other documents that will help you win your case

Finding a Philadelphia Negligence Lawyer

Because state negligence statutes and case histories vary greatly, it is imperative that you procure an attorney with considerable experience representing victims of negligence in Philadelphia. It takes years to memorize the specific negligence statutes and to learn the correct way to handle the case in the Philadelphia area. Filing requirements differ from county to county, so it’s crucial to find an injury attorney who understands the local court’s requirements for timely, accurate filing and who is familiar with the local courts and judges.

Don’t trust your future to a novice. Contact us for representation if you were injured as a result of negligence in Philadelphia.

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