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How A Lawyer Will Seek Justice for Victims of Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse is regarded as a serious crime. A lawyer’s goal is to provide exceptional legal representation for victims of sexual abuse in civil lawsuits. A competent attorney will expose the sexual predators and guide the victims in the right way that would help to heal them. Seeking justice for the sexual abuse victims is the responsibility of a skilled lawyer through verdicts and considerable settlements.

Sexual abuse victims can seek legal help from a Philadelphia lawyer

Philadelphia Sexual Abuse LawyerThere are various forms of sexual abuse, such as molestation, rape, incest harassment, and sexual harassment. The crime can be committed by an individual within the premises of an institution such as a nursing home, school, workplace, church, and other such entities. 

Sexual abuse can happen with children, adults, or any age group. People suffering from sexual abuse crime can undergo emotional trauma that can prove to be devastating for their lives. If you or your loved one is suffering from this trauma, it can be helpful to refer to a knowledgeable Philadelphia sexual abuse lawyer.

Victims of sexual abuse may act differently than their ordinary behavior. Most victims go through various feelings and emotions such as depression, guilt, shame, and isolation. Some of them struggle with different issues such as victims are not able to trust someone or they have low esteem. Post sexual abuse, many individuals face side effects that can last throughout their life. The recovery from this horrific crime is not easy at all.

In some cases, another person might know about a sexual abuse crime but fails to report it. This can constitute a criminal offense. The conduct in which individuals tend to disregard the safety of others or ignore possible risks is referred to as criminal negligence. If someone knows of a sexual abuse crime and does not report it, they can be held criminally liable. Individuals such as teachers or staff in the workplace may be held accountable for their failure in reporting the sexual abuse incident in an institution.

In many cases, victims hide sexual crimes as they do not dare to confront the abuse until they have reached adulthood. Victims of abuse must understand that it is not their fault in any way. Every individual facing this trauma will handle the process of recovery in his or her way. 

Some victims may take time while others may recover quickly; some may take their whole life to recover. Whatever the case, legal help on your side and guidance from a skilled Philadelphia sexual abuse attorney will prove to be beneficial for you.

Some sexual abuse victims seek help from psychological treatment or prefer to take some medical treatment. Some victims might just prefer to seek justice by seeing the responsible parties punished or behind bars. However, even after the accountable person held responsible for the abuse is punished, the pain and suffering remain. A victim has to endure it for a lifetime, and seeking justice can bring some peace that will be great for their healing process.

How to File A Sexual Abuse Claim in Philadelphia?

Sexual assault or sexual abuse lawsuits can be a lengthy and complex process. It becomes challenging for both the victim and the lawyer who will help in filing a claim against the responsible party. A lawyer must have the resources and the experience to complete a comprehensive investigation. The thorough investigation skills of a Philadelphia sexual abuse lawyer will help to gather all the relevant information that is necessary for filing a strong claim.

What is the difference between criminal and civil standards in sexual abuse cases?

In Philadelphia, the law allows a sexual abuse victim to file a civil suit against the party who is responsible. This option is available regardless of whether the criminal court has accused the perpetrator or not. Standards differ for criminal and civil cases of sexual abuse, so it is recommended that the victim seeks guidance from a Philadelphia sexual abuse attorney.

The difference between the criminal and civil standards in sexual abuse cases is the amount of evidence required to prove the crime. In cases related to criminal sexual abuse, a victim must have proof that sexual abuse or assault happened beyond a reasonable doubt. 

There must be valid evidence against the respondent accused of his or her alleged acts. Contact an injury attorney if you have been a victim of sexual abuse.

In a civil sexual abuse case, a victim may be able to receive compensation. The monetary help must be given by the abuser who committed sexual abuse. However, in civil cases, court proceedings vary in the amount of evidence required to prove a claim. In either a criminal or civil case, a competent attorney should be representing the sexual abuse victim. A lawyer will be able to collect all different types of proof.

A lawyer will be able to handle all different types of cases such as sexual abuse, forced sexual acts, and unlawful sexual contact cases. Sexual abuse cases may include:

  • Rape
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Forced penetration 
  • Forced intercourse 
  • Forced kissing

There may be several physical injuries caused by rape or sexual assault. It can also cause serious emotional trauma, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Victims can go through depression, paranoia, anxiety, shame, and fear of relationships or intimacy.

Statute of Limitations for Sexual Assault Cases

If you have been a victim of a sexual assault crime then you should know that you have a limited time to file a claim against the party responsible for the crime. Victims who are older than 18 years have a time limit of two years to file a lawsuit against the accused party. Victims who are less than 18 years of age when the crime was committed have a time limit of 12 years after they turn 18 to file the claim against the accused party.

Individual victims of sexual abuse crimes may act differently after facing the abuse. This has been researched by social science and psychology. Some victims will immediately report to the police while others will take many years to just accept what happened to them. In case you have any queries regarding the statute of limitations or how to file a case against a sexual abuser, then you should contact a qualified lawyer.

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