Truck Accident Lawyer in Erie

How Can A Truck Accident Lawyer In Erie Help Fight For Your Rights?

A big truck collision poses a serious threat to the passengers inside and the vehicle as well. In Erie, as in the rest of Pennsylvania, a person has the right to hire a lawyer who can fight for you whether you are the survivor of a truck accident or someone you love has passed away owing to a truck crash. An injured person has the right to pursue financial recovery. If you have suffered in a truck accident, you can seek help from an experienced Erie Truck Accident Lawyer.

The majority of truck accidents occur when someone makes a mistake or makes a faulty judgment that turns a bad situation worse. An act of negligence can occur anywhere and at any time, starting from the manufacture of the truck to the driving of the truck on the open road. 

A truck accident lawyer in Erie will analyze the situation surrounding the accident and do an in-depth examination of the collision along with any other factors that contributed to the accident. A careful and accurate analysis to determine the real cause of the accident is the first step that an injured victim takes in recovering compensation. 

What Are Some Common Reasons for a Truck Accident in Erie?

There are various reasons for a truck accident, including: 

  • An error by the truck driver
  • Breaking of federal or state laws on truck operation
  • Poor maintenance of the truck
  • Improper loading of the truck
  • Improper employee training
  • The truck driver is tired while driving
  • Defects in the road or improper conditions on the road.
  • Speeding
  • Distracted Driving
  • Insufficient safety maintenance

What Kinds of Trucks Are Commonly Involved in a Truck Accident in Erie

Some of the common trucks involved in an accident include:

  • Street sweepers
  • Cement trucks
  • Armored trucks 
  • Garbage trucks 
  • Box trucks
  • Tractor trucks 
  • Tanker trucks 
  • Tow trucks
  • Coal trucks 
  • Marcellus shale trucks 
  • Flatbed trucks
  • 18-wheelers and more. 

Who Is Held Liable For A Truck Accident?

Truck Accident Lawyer in ErieA truck accident can occur due to the fault of the truck driver, the transport company, vehicle manufacturer, or any of the other parties involved. In Erie, as in the rest of Pennsylvania, if a truck accident involves more than one party then all will share the fault. Proportional liability, or shared fault, allows the injured victim a greater opportunity to receive full and fair compensation from more than a single entity or person. 

The transportation industry and truck companies has helped to make Erie, Pennsylvania, a prosperous metropolis. Erie plays a vital role in the commercial trucking industry of the state, as many major trucking companies pass through Eire on the way to pick up and deliver tons of cargo.

However, accidents are also common, and make the city a more dangerous place. Truck accidents owing to someone else’s negligence, carelessness, or failure to abide by the traffic laws cannot always be avoided, however victims do have recourse to seek compensation for their injuries.

What Rules or Procedures Are Followed After A Truck Accident In Erie?

Truck drivers and truck companies are required to abide by strict  protocols that are designed to ensure the safety of drivers and of other motorists sharing the road with trucks. When truck drivers or truck companies fail to follow those rules, then catastrophic accidents can happen, causing death or severe injuries that can last for a lifetime. 

Erie, like the rest of Pennsylvania, follows a rule of “no fault” insurance recovery, which means that injured victims look first to their own insurance policies for compensation. However, there are many exceptions to the general rule, and many complications. Therefore, a victim should consult an experienced truck accident lawyer in Erie who has expertise in handling truck accidents. 

In Pennsylvania, there were 151 deaths recorded in the year 2014 due to commercial truck accidents. An accident attorney seeks to gain justice for the victims of such incidents by holding negligent parties to account when they cause fatal and serious injuries in truck crashes. If you have been injured in a truck collision, or if you have lost a loved one in a fatal accident, you can get immediate help by consulting legal counsel. 

What Steps Are Followed By Trucking Companies After A Truck Accident?

  • Some big transportation companies will send their attorneys to an accident scene immediately after a truck crash. Along with the lawyers, they will send insurance adjusters and investigators to gather evidence and witness statements. 
  • A victim should not give any statement before consulting his or her lawyer. Instead, it is vital to seek guidance from a competent Erie truck accident lawyer. 
  • The representatives of an insurance company or transportation company might try to convince a victim that there is no use in hiring a lawyer. They will claim that they will settle or negotiate for less cost than a lawyer would charge. The insurance company and transportation company will also attempt to describe your injuries and losses as less severe than they really are, and seek to reduce your compensation as well. This is because they only want to reduce their costs. They do not have the interests of the victim at heart. 
  • In addition, an insurance company or transportation company may also try to delay your claim with the hope that you will get irritated and quit. Contact an injury attorney who can give you impartial advice on your claim and to deal with representatives of the insurance companies.
  • An experienced injury lawyer in Erie will send his own team to investigate the case completely by going to the accident scene. A careful investigation will help the lawyer collect all the essential evidence that will help you receive full and fair compensation. 
  • Our team of experienced accident lawyers will help the injured victim find information about the truck involved in the accident. 
  • Samuel Fishman, Esq. will reconstruct the accident scene and completely analyze the accident in order to determine the parties at fault. 

How Will An Erie Truck Accident Lawyer Help Me Recover My Damages?

As part of the investigation of your claim, a lawyer will also do a complete inspection of the truck and gather vehicle maintenance records along with computerized “black box” information. 

A lawyer will fight for his or her client and will help a victim seek full and fair compensation for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering. A lawyer will stand up and negotiate with the insurance claim adjusters and attorneys for the transportation company so that a victim need not face them alone.

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